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Air India Installs Massive Engineering Warehouse At Delhi Airport


Air India, one of India’s leading airlines, announced on Friday the inauguration of its state-of-the-art mega warehouse facility in Delhi. This facility, spanning an impressive 54,000 square feet and strategically located near Terminal 3 at Delhi Airport’s cargo complex, marks a significant milestone in the airline’s commitment to enhancing aircraft maintenance operations.

Enhancing Aircraft Maintenance Efficiency

The primary goal of this mega warehouse facility is to streamline and optimize the maintenance and service operations of Air India’s extensive fleet, including Air India Express and AIX Connect aircraft. By consolidating the storage of over 1,000,000 engineering spares, tools, and ground support equipment, this facility aims to significantly improve the turnaround time of flights operating out of Delhi.

Comprehensive Storage Solution

Air India’s mega warehouse will serve as a one-stop solution for storing a wide range of aircraft spares, tools, and ground support equipment. This extensive inventory will cover everything from basic hardware to highly sophisticated and complex components such as avionics, hydraulics, structural elements, pneumatic systems, and mechanical parts. This comprehensive approach ensures that Air India has quick access to the essential resources required for aircraft maintenance, which is essential for maintaining punctuality and operational efficiency.

Strengthening India’s Aviation Ecosystem

Campbell Wilson, the CEO and Managing Director of Air India, expressed his enthusiasm for this new facility, stating that it not only benefits Air India but also contributes to strengthening India’s aviation ecosystem. With better control over aircraft spares and a more proximate location, the airline can promptly address engineering requirements, ultimately leading to improved punctuality of flights.

Integration and Centralization

This mega warehouse represents a significant step in consolidating Air India’s engineering resources. It effectively integrates 16 subscale and scattered locations across Delhi and Mumbai into a centralized, state-of-the-art facility. Functioning as a hub and feeder network for operations throughout India, this centralized approach ensures better control over inventory and enables the airline to streamline its functions efficiently.

Swift Material Movement

Located in close proximity to Air India’s aircraft hangars at Terminal 3 of the Indira Gandhi International Airport, this warehouse facilitates swift material movement. This quick access to spares and equipment is critical for addressing technical issues promptly, ensuring that aircraft can be maintained and ready for their scheduled flights.

Revolutionizing Aircraft Maintenance

Air India’s newly commissioned mega warehouse facility in Delhi is a significant step forward for the airline and the Indian aviation industry as a whole. With its centralization, comprehensive inventory, and strategic location, this facility promises to enhance the efficiency and reliability of aircraft maintenance operations.

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