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Air India Unveils New Uniforms for Cabin, Cockpit Crew Designed by Fashion Designer Manish Malhotra

Air India, the national carrier, recently revealed its revamped uniforms for cabin crew and pilots, designed by renowned fashion designer Manish Malhotra. The grand unveiling took place on December 12, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to the airline’s image.

Cabin Crew Elegance

The female cabin crew will sport ready-to-wear ombre sarees, skillfully crafted with intricate jharokha patterns and adorned with the Vista, the new Air India logo icon. This neo-traditional look is paired with blouses and blazers, adding a modern touch to the ensemble. Notably, the ready-to-wear sarees can also be optionally paired with comfortable pants, providing greater flexibility for the crew to express their individual styles.

Variety in Colors

The ombre sarees for senior female cabin crew members will feature aubergine-to-burgundy shades, complemented by aurbergine blazers. In contrast, junior female cabin crew will showcase vibrant red-to-purple sarees paired with red blazers, creating a visually dynamic and distinct look.

Cockpit Crew Sophistication

For the cockpit crew, Manish Malhotra designed classic black double-breasted suits with a print inspired by the Vista. The emphasis here is on a timeless and sophisticated look that resonates with the airline’s professionalism.

Designer’s Vision

Manish Malhotra expressed his honor at the opportunity to contribute to Air India’s identity, aiming to capture the essence of India’s diverse culture and traditions while infusing a modern and sophisticated flair. His vision is to showcase the elegance and charm of Indian fashion on the global stage.

Footwear and Accessories

In addition to the uniforms, the designer curated footwear for the cabin crew. Female crew members will wear dual-tone (black and burgundy) block heels, while male cabin crew will opt for comfortable black brogues. The uniforms also include pearl earnings and sling bags for female cabin crew, adding to the overall polished look.

Upcoming Reveals

While the cabin crew uniforms have been unveiled, there is anticipation for the uniforms designed for Air India’s ground staff, engineers and security personnel, which are yet to be revealed.

CEO’s Perspective

Campbell Wilson, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Air India, expressed confidence in Manish Malhotra’s innovative ensemble, believing it will script an exciting new chapter for Air India’s future narrative. The uniforms align with the airline’s new identity, service principles and its pursuit of setting new benchmarks in global aviation.

This unveiling marks a significant moment in Air India’s history, blending tradition with modernity and showcasing the nation’s style and elegance at 30,000 feet. The new uniforms are set to be introduced gradually over the next few months, starting with the debut of Air India’s first Airbus A350.

Important Questions Related to Exams

Q1. When were the new uniforms for Air India’s cabin crew and pilots unveiled?

Sol. The grand unveiling took place on December 12.

Q2. What is the key feature of the female cabin crew uniform?

Sol. Ready-to-wear ombre sarees with intricate jharokha patterns and the Vista logo icon.

Q3. What colors are featured in the ombre sarees for senior and junior female cabin crew?

Sol. Aubergine-to-burgundy for seniors, vibrant red-to-purple for juniors.

Q4. Describe the uniform for the cockpit crew designed by Manish Malhotra?

Sol. Classic black double-breasted suits with a print inspired by the Vista.

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