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Important Days in July 2024, Check National and International Days

July 2024, the seventh month of the year, is set to be a month filled with commemorative days that highlight various causes, cultures, and historical events of global significance. From national celebrations that honor a country’s heritage to international observances focusing on critical global issues, each day brings an opportunity for reflection, awareness, and action. Let’s delve into some of the important national and international days that will be observed this July.

Important Days in July 2024

July 2024, the seventh month of the year, brings with it a diverse array of meaningful national and international observances. Named in honor of Julius Caesar, July is notable for its commemoration of significant historical events and themes. Throughout this month, several key dates hold special importance, such as Doctor’s Day, International Plastic Bag Free Day, World Population Day, World Youth Skills Day, World Hepatitis Day, and more. These occasions serve not only to inform and educate but also to foster awareness and action on pressing issues that impact our global community. Each day provides an opportunity to deepen our understanding of various societal challenges and celebrate achievements in fields ranging from healthcare to environmental sustainability, reflecting the ongoing pursuit of progress and unity worldwide.

List of Important Days in July 2024, National and International Days

July 2024 is marked by a diverse array of significant national and international days, each carrying its own cultural, historical, or thematic importance. From commemorating healthcare professionals on Doctor’s Day to raising awareness about global environmental issues on International Plastic Bag Free Day, this month offers opportunities for reflection, celebration, and advocacy on a global scale.

Here is the list of important days in July 2024, National and International:

Date Important Days
July 1, 2024 National Doctor’s Day
July 01, 2024 National Chartered Accountants Day
July 01, 2024 GST Day
July 02, 2024 World Sports Journalists Day
July 02, 2024 World UFO Day
July 03, 2024 International Plastic Bag Free Day
July 06, 2024 World Zoonoses Day
July 06, 2024 International Day of Cooperatives
July 07, 2024 World Kiswahili Language Day
July 11, 2024 World Population Day
July 11, 2024 International Day of Reflection and Commemoration of the 1995 Genocide in Srebrenica
July 12, 2024 Malala Day
July 12, 2024 International Day of Combating Sand and Dust Storms
July 15, 2024 World Youth Skills Day 
Jul 17, 2024 World Day for International Justice
July 17, 2024 World Emoji Day
July 18, 2024 International Nelson Mandela Day
July 20, 2024 World Chess Day
July 20, 2024 Moon Day
July 22, 2024 National Mango Day
July 23, 2024 National Broadcasting Day
July 24, 2024 National Thermal Engineer Day
July 25, 2024 World Embryologist Day
July 25, 2024 World Drowning Prevention Day
July 26, 2024 Kargil Vijay Diwas
July 28, 2024 World Hepatitis Day
July 28, 2024 National Parent’s Day
July 29, 2024 International Tiger Day
July 30, 2024 International Day of Friendship
July 30, 2024 World Day against Trafficking in Persons
July 31, 2024 World Ranger Day

July 01- National Doctor’s Day

National Doctor’s Day in India is celebrated on July 1st to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, honoring doctors’ contributions to society and healthcare.

July 01 – National Chartered Accountants Day

National Chartered Accountants Day, observed on July 1st in India, celebrates the profession’s role in finance and governance, recognizing their expertise and contributions to the economy.

July 01 – GST Day

GST Day, observed on July 1st in India, marks the anniversary of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) implementation, aiming to streamline taxation and boost economic growth.

July 01 – National U.S. Postage Stamp Day

National U.S. Postage Stamp Day, celebrated on July 1st, honors the significance of stamps in communication and culture, highlighting their role in history and everyday life.

July 01 – Canada Day

Canada Day, celebrated on July 1st, marks the anniversary of Canada’s confederation, honoring the country’s history, diversity, and national pride with festivities nationwide.

July 01 – National Postal Worker Day

National Postal Worker Day, observed on July 1st, recognizes the dedication and essential services provided by postal workers in delivering mail and packages across communities.

July 02 – World Sports Journalists Day

World Sports Journalists Day, observed on July 2nd, celebrates the role of sports journalists in reporting on sporting events, athletes, and the impact of sports on society globally.

July 02 – World UFO Day

World UFO Day, observed on July 2nd, encourages discussion and awareness about unidentified flying objects, fostering curiosity and exploration of the unknown in popular culture and science.

July 02 – National Anisette Day

National Anisette Day, celebrated on July 2nd, honors the anise-flavored liqueur known as anisette, enjoyed in cocktails and desserts for its distinctive flavor and aroma.

July 03 – National Fried Clam Day

National Fried Clam Day, observed on July 3rd, celebrates the culinary delight of fried clams, a popular seafood dish enjoyed for its crispy texture and savory taste.

July 03 – International Plastic Bag Free Day

International Plastic Bag Free Day, observed on July 3rd, promotes awareness and encourages the reduction of plastic bag usage to protect the environment and marine life.

July 04 – USA Independence Day

USA Independence Day, celebrated on July 4th, commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, marking America’s freedom from British rule with fireworks, parades, and festivities nationwide.

July 06 – World Zoonoses Day

World Zoonoses Day, observed on July 6th, raises awareness about diseases that can spread from animals to humans, emphasizing prevention and One Health approaches for public health.

July 06 – International Day of Cooperatives

The International Day of Cooperatives, celebrated on the first Saturday of July, promotes cooperative values and principles, highlighting their role in sustainable development and community empowerment worldwide.

July 07 – World Chocolate Day

World Chocolate Day, celebrated on July 7th, indulges chocolate lovers worldwide, honoring the delectable treat’s history and cultural significance across civilizations.

July 07 – World Kiswahili Language Day

World Kiswahili Language Day, observed on July 07th, celebrates the cultural and linguistic heritage of Kiswahili, promoting its importance and use in global communication and understanding.

July 09 – National Sugar Cookie Day

National Sugar Cookie Day, observed on July 9th, celebrates the classic sugar cookie’s simplicity and sweetness, enjoyed with various decorations and flavors.

July 11 – World Population Day

World Population Day, observed on July 11th, raises awareness about global population issues, advocating for reproductive health, gender equality, and sustainable development goals.

July 11 – International Day of Reflection and Commemoration of the 1995 Genocide in Srebrenica

International Day of Reflection and Commemoration of the 1995 Genocide in Srebrenica, observed on July 11th, honors the victims and promotes reconciliation and prevention of future atrocities.

July 12 – National Simplicity Day

National Simplicity Day, celebrated on July 12th, honors the philosophy of simplicity advocated by Henry David Thoreau, encouraging a minimalist and mindful approach to life.

July 12 – National Bag Day

National Bag Day, observed on July 12th, promotes awareness about the importance of reusable bags to reduce plastic waste and protect the environment.

July 12 – International Day of Combating Sand and Dust Storms

International Day of Combating Sand and Dust Storms, observed on June 12th, raises awareness about the impacts of these storms and promotes measures to mitigate their environmental and health effects globally.

July 12- Malala Day

Malala Day, observed on July 12th, celebrates Malala Yousafzai’s advocacy for girls’ education worldwide, promoting empowerment and equality through her courage and activism.

July 13 – National French Fry Day

National French Fry Day, celebrated on July 13th, honors the beloved crispy potato snack enjoyed worldwide in various styles and flavors.

July 14 – Bastille Day

Bastille Day, celebrated on July 14th, marks the French National Day, commemorating the storming of the Bastille prison in 1789 and the beginning of the French Revolution.

July 15 – World Youth Skills Day

World Youth Skills Day, observed on July 15th, promotes the importance of developing skills among young people to enhance employability and entrepreneurship opportunities globally.

July 15 – World Youth Skills Day

World Youth Skills Day, observed on July 15th, highlights the importance of equipping young people with skills for employment and entrepreneurship to foster sustainable development and economic growth.

July 15 – Social Media Giving Day

Social Media Giving Day, observed on the second Tuesday of July, encourages charitable donations and activism through social media platforms to support various causes worldwide.

July 17 – World Day for International Justice

World Day for International Justice, observed on July 17th, raises awareness about the importance of international criminal justice in promoting peace, security, and human rights globally.

July 17 – World Emoji Day

World Emoji Day, celebrated on July 17th, honors the small digital icons that have become integral to modern communication, expressing emotions and ideas across cultures and languages.

July 18 – International Nelson Mandela Day

International Nelson Mandela Day, observed on July 18th, commemorates Nelson Mandela’s legacy of promoting peace, reconciliation, and social justice through his leadership and activism.

July 20 – World Chess Day

World Chess Day, celebrated on July 20th, promotes chess as a game that fosters critical thinking, strategy, and global unity through tournaments and educational initiatives worldwide.

July 20 – Moon Day

Moon Day, observed on July 20th, commemorates the first human landing on the Moon by Apollo 11 astronauts in 1969, symbolizing human achievement in space exploration.

July 22 – National Mango Day

National Mango Day, celebrated on July 22nd, honors the delicious and versatile tropical fruit, recognized for its sweet flavor and nutritional benefits enjoyed globally.

July 23 – National Broadcasting Day

National Broadcasting Day, observed on July 23rd, celebrates the advent of radio broadcasting in India, marking its pivotal role in disseminating information and entertainment to the masses.

July 24 – National Thermal Engineer Day

National Thermal Engineer Day, celebrated on July 24th, recognizes the expertise of thermal engineers in designing systems for heat transfer, energy efficiency, and climate control in various industries.

July 25 – World Embryologist Day

World Embryologist Day, observed on July 25th, recognizes the contributions of embryologists in advancing reproductive science and supporting individuals on their journey to parenthood.

July 25 – World Drowning Prevention Day

World Drowning Prevention Day, observed on July 25th, raises awareness about drowning risks and promotes lifesaving measures to prevent drowning deaths globally.

July 26 – Kargil Vijay Diwas

Kargil Vijay Diwas, observed on July 26th, commemorates India’s victory in the Kargil War of 1999, honoring the bravery and sacrifice of Indian armed forces.

July 28 – National Parent’s Day

National Parents’ Day, celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July, honors the role of parents in nurturing families and society, promoting their importance in children’s lives and communities.

July 28 – World Hepatitis Day

World Hepatitis Day, observed on July 28th, raises awareness about viral hepatitis, promotes prevention measures, and advocates for access to testing and treatment worldwide.

July 29 – International Tiger Day

International Tiger Day, observed on July 29th, raises awareness about tiger conservation efforts to protect these majestic big cats and their habitats worldwide.

July 30 – International Day of Friendship

International Day of Friendship, celebrated on July 30th, promotes friendship as a way to foster peace and bridge cultural gaps, emphasizing solidarity and mutual understanding among peoples.

July 30 – World Day against Trafficking in Persons

World Day against Trafficking in Persons, observed on July 30th, aims to raise awareness about human trafficking and promote measures to combat and prevent this global crime.

July 31 – World Ranger Day

World Ranger Day, observed on July 31st, honors the dedication and sacrifice of park rangers worldwide in protecting natural and cultural heritage and wildlife conservation efforts.

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