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“All things EV”: HDFC Launches India’s First EV Ecosystem

HDFC EGRO Launches “All things EV”

HDFC has launched India’s first one-stop solution portal for Electric Vehicles Ecosystem, “All things EV”. HDFC EGRO, General Insurance Company, which is a leading private sector general insurance company has claimed that the “All things EV”, fulfills the needs of the existing and potential Electric Vehicles or EV users. The company has also launched a dedicated platform for existing and prospective EV ecosystem users as a part of the initiative which also hosts end-to-end information related to the EV sector. This platform welcomes all Indians who have purchased EVs or are planning to buy EVs in the future or are making an earning out of the growing EV sectors.

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Key Points Related to the “All things EV”

  • The “All things EV” will create awareness among the people and increase potential customer awareness.
  • The initiative spreads awareness about using green technology over the conventional technology being used for decades.
  • The availability of the EV models across the value chain has also improved the charging infrastructure.
  • It has also pushed the Indian EV market to a significant growing point and will continue to increase in the coming years.
  • The potential EV buyers can get all information about EVs in the “All things EV” available in India.
  • The “All things EV” will also provide the cost ownership and subsidies offered by different State Governments.
  • If people are looking to set up charging stations, they can also get the available options of charging units, the associated cost, and the profitability metrics.

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