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Amazon India to open first-ever floating store in Dal Lake

Amazon India has inaugurated its first-ever floating store on Dal Lake in Srinagar, Kashmir. This initiative aligns with Amazon India’s commitment to providing customers with reliable and convenient delivery services, while simultaneously enabling small businesses to seize profitable earning prospects.

The store is part of company’s ‘I Have Space’ delivery program, which started in 2015. The program helps them deliver packages to customers in faraway places using local shops and partners.

Serving Customers around Dal Lake

The ‘I Have Space’ store serves as a crucial solution for the numerous customers residing and operating businesses around Dal Lake and Nigeen Lake in Srinagar, which are highly frequented spots by both tourists and locals.

About ‘I Have Space’ Program

Amazon India’s last-mile delivery program, ‘I Have Space,’ collaborates with local stores and business owners to efficiently deliver products within a 2 to 4 kilometers radius of their respective stores, providing them with an opportunity to generate supplementary income. Launched in 2015, this program has garnered an extensive network of more than 28,000 neighborhood and kirana partners spread across nearly 420 towns and cities throughout India.

‘I Have Space’ Program: Empowering Local Store Partners

On average, Amazon India’s store partners successfully handle around 20 to 30 packages daily, earning a fixed fee for each delivery they make. Additionally, many of these stores serve as convenient pick-up points, accepting deliveries on behalf of customers. Leveraging their familiarity with the local area and enjoying a positive reputation within their communities, these enterprising locals adeptly manage the entire process of product delivery and receipt. By participating in these services, they consistently make a significant and positive impact in their neighborhoods.

Key takeaways for competitive examinations

  • Country Head of Amazon India: Amit Agarwal

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