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Apart From Rajasthan, In Which State of India is Jaipur Location?

Rajasthan, covering approximately 10% of India’s total land area, holds the title of the largest state in the country. Its total area is 342,239 square kilometers. Known as the land of kings, Rajasthan boasts a rich history, unique traditions, and a vibrant cultural heritage. It is home to valiant Rajputs and numerous historical monuments that attract tourists from all over the world.

Jaipur – The Capital City of Rajasthan

Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, is renowned for its rich culture, tradition, and architectural marvels. Founded in November 1727 by Sawai Jai Singh II of Amber, Jaipur is named after its founder. The city is famous for its buildings made of pink Dholpur stone, earning it the nickname “Pink City.” In 2019, Jaipur was declared a UNESCO World Heritage City, highlighting its historical and cultural significance. Key attractions include the Amber Palace, City Palace, Hawa Mahal, and Nahargarh Fort.

Jaipur in Another Indian State

While Jaipur is widely associated with Rajasthan, it might surprise many to know that there is another Jaipur located in a different Indian state. This lesser-known Jaipur is situated in the northeastern state of Assam.

Jaipur in Assam

Located in the Dibrugarh district of Assam, the town known as Jaipur is actually called “Joypur.” Despite the slight variation in spelling, it is commonly referred to and written as Jaipur. This town, like its Rajasthani counterpart, adds a unique charm to its region.

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