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India’s 1st Digital Water Bank ‘AQVERIUM’ launched in Bengaluru

India's 1st Digital Water Bank 'AQVERIUM' launched in Bengaluru_4.1

India’s First Digital Water Bank, ‘AQVERIUM’ has been launched in Bengaluru, Karnataka which is an innovative initiative aimed at better water management. It is formed by AquaKraft Group Ventures. It is a very unique innovation combining sustainable & green technologies along with information technology, skill development & entrepreneurship. It is a curated list of water data from all institutions and sources, that will help tackle some common development challenges.

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About ‘Digital Water Data Bank’:

  • Digital Water Data Bank can be understood as a curated list of ‘Water Data’ from all institutions and sources that will further aid in tackling some common development challenges.
  • The digital water data bank also provides insights and evidence from research and analytics thereby providing fundamental reliable information for tackling water pollution.
  • Data, in any field, facilitates building a broader picture that further enables us to harness the best evidence and make informed decisions. When it comes to making a water-secure world, data-driven decisions can greatly improve service delivery, sustain water resources and build resilience.

Accurate Data can help India:

  • Water Crises is not as much of a problem as ‘Water Management Crisis’. The key to managing water efficiently is having accurate, real-time data. Measuring can aid in managing.
  • From looking at how much water the country has, to where it has, when it has and how this water is being used, is the only way various sectors could pursue the demand and harness water from every possible source. Accordingly, this way, a roadmap will be made for judicious use.
  • With the inauguration of the first digital data bank in India, AI will aid in putting voluminous data for better understanding.

Important takeaways for all competitive exams:

  • Karnataka Capital: Bengaluru;
  • Karnataka Chief Minister: Basavaraj S Bommai;
  • Karnataka Governor: Thawar Chand Gehlot.

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India's 1st Digital Water Bank 'AQVERIUM' launched in Bengaluru_5.1

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