ARCI develops Magnetocaloric material for cancer treatment

Magnetocaloric material, a rare-earth-based material that can be effectively used for cancer treatment, has been developed by scientists at the International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials (ARCI). In the magnetocaloric materials, the application and removal of a magnetic field causes the materials to become warmer or cooler and hence, it provides controlled heating. Rare-earth-based alloy has been chosen by the team of ARCI to study as some of the rare earth materials are human body compatible.

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On the application and removal of the magnetic field on the Magnetocaloric material, it heats up or cools down respectively. Hence, as soon as the magnetic field is removed, cooling effect is generated unlike in magnetic nanoparticles where overheating persists, even after removal of the magnetic field. So, it will led to reduction in the side effects of treatment and also reduces the damage caused to the human body. It will also reduce the treatment time of cancer tumours.

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