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ASI Patna Circle Discovered Two 1200-Year-Old Miniature Stupas at Nalanda

The Archeological Survey of India (ASI) of the Patna circle has unearthed 1200 years old two miniature votive stupas near the Sarai Tila mound on the “Nalanda Mahavihara” grounds in the Nalanda district. The stupas found in Nalanda are carved from stones and depict Buddha figures.

The Superintendent Archeologist, ASI Patna circle, Goutami Bhattacharya informed that at the beginning of the 7th century CE, small miniature terracotta stupas became popular as votive offerings. Devout pilgrims visiting various holy sites and temples throughout Asia would either purchase small votive offerings or make their own.

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ASI Patna Circle Discovered Two 1200-Year-Old Miniature Stupas at Nalanda- Key Points

  • The Nalanda Mahavihara site comprises the archeological remains of a monastic and scholastic institution dating from the 3rd century BCE to the 13th Century CE.
  • It includes stupas, shrines, viharas, and important artwork in stucco, stone, and metal.
  • The archaeological remains of Nalanda Mahavihara were systematically unearthed and preserved simultaneously.
  • The ASI Patna circle has recently submitted a proposal to Delhi headquarters to excavate ‘Nindaur’ for its probable connection with Nanda Kings of Magadha, in Kaimur district which is 220km from the state capital Patna.
  • The Nanda dynasty ruled Magadha in northern India between 343 and 321 BCE with its capital at Patliputra.
  • The geographical position of the sites is very important, it is situated on an ancient route between Patliputra to Kashi via the Son river Sasaram-Bhabhua.
  • It is the largest city settlement between ancient Magadha and Kashi Mahajanapada.

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