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Asian Games 2023, India Team take gold in 10m air Pistol men’s team event

Indian shooters have continued to make their mark at the Asian Games, clinching their 6th gold medal in the Men’s 10m Air Pistol Team event. Sarabjot Singh, Shiva Narwal, and Arjun Singh Cheema displayed exceptional prowess, securing victory by a single point over the home Chinese team. This remarkable achievement not only added another gold to India’s tally but also secured individual final berths for Sarabjot and Arjun in the 10m Air Pistol category.

Dominance in Shooting: India’s 6th Gold Medal

In a thrilling competition, the Indian trio of Sarabjot Singh, Shiva Narwal, and Arjun Singh Cheema showcased their shooting excellence by registering a combined score of 1734. Their remarkable performance allowed India to outclass the Chinese team and seize the gold medal. The narrow one-point victory demonstrated their precision and determination on the shooting range.

Individual Excellence: Sarabjot and Arjun Secure Final Spots

Notably, Sarabjot Singh and Arjun Singh Cheema have also earned their places in the individual final of the 10m Air Pistol event. Sarabjot secured the 5th position with an impressive score of 580, while Arjun finished 8th with a score of 578 in the eight-men final. This achievement underscores their individual skills and their potential to bring more glory to India in the upcoming finals.

Shooting’s Golden Streak at Asian Games

The sport of shooting has been a consistent source of joy for Indian fans at the Asian Games. With this recent gold medal, Indian shooters have now clinched four gold medals in a short span of time. The triumph in the Men’s 10m Air Pistol Team event adds to India’s growing success in the shooting discipline at the prestigious event.


Indian shooters, Sarabjot Singh, Shiva Narwal, and Arjun Singh Cheema, have etched their names in the history of the Asian Games with a stellar performance in the Men’s 10m Air Pistol Team event. Their victory by a single point over the Chinese team highlights their exceptional shooting skills. Furthermore, the qualification of Sarabjot and Arjun for the individual final adds to the nation’s excitement. With this achievement, shooting continues to shine as one of India’s standout disciplines at the Asian Games, bringing home the country’s 6th gold medal and further cementing its position in the world of sports.

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