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Asian Games 2023, Neeraj Chopra wins Gold in Javelin Throw


India celebrated a remarkable 1-2 finish in the Men’s Javelin Throw competition at the Asian Games 2023, held at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Park Main Stadium in the People’s Republic of China. Neeraj Chopra secured the gold medal, while Kishore Kumar Jena clinched the silver, showcasing their exceptional talent on the grand continental stage.

Neeraj Chopra’s Triumph:

Season’s Best of 88.88m

  • Neeraj Chopra, the reigning champion, delivered an outstanding performance by achieving a season’s best throw of 88.88 meters.
  • This remarkable feat not only secured the gold medal for him but also marked his second consecutive gold at the Asian Games, following his victory in Jakarta 2018.

Kishore Kumar Jena’s Spectacular Performance:

Surpassing Personal Best

  • Kishore Kumar Jena, a rising star in Indian javelin throwing, displayed exceptional skills throughout the competition.
  • He briefly led Neeraj Chopra and registered an impressive 86.77 meters with his third throw, surpassing his previous personal best of 84.77 meters, set at the Budapest world championships earlier in the year.
  • Further improving his mark to 87.54 meters with his fourth throw, Kishore Kumar Jena secured the silver medal in Hangzhou.

Olympic Qualification:

Breaking the Qualification Standards

  • Kishore Kumar Jena’s exceptional performance not only earned him a silver medal but also saw him break the men’s javelin throw qualification standards for the Paris 2024 Olympics, which were set at 85.50 meters.
  • This achievement reflects his potential to represent India on the world stage at the upcoming Olympic Games

Japan’s Roderick Genki Dean Takes Bronze:

Bronze Medal Achievement

  • Japan’s Roderick Genki Dean showcased his talent by securing the bronze medal with a throw of 82.68 meters in his fifth attempt.
  • While he was unable to match the throws of Neeraj Chopra and Kishore Kumar Jena, his performance earned him a place on the podium.

Asian Games 2023 javelin throw: Results for men

Rank Athlete Best throw
1 Neeraj Chopra (India) 88.88m
2 Kishore Kumar Jena (India) 87.54m
3 Roderick Genki Dean (Japan) 82.68m
4 Muhammad Yasir (Pakistan) 78.13m
5 Kenji Ogura (Japan) 77.87m
6 Haoran Hu (China) 75.41m
7 Ali Essa I Al Abdulghani (Saudi Arabia) 73.45m
8 Abdulrahman Alazemi (Kuwait) 71.41m
9 Abd Hafiz (Indonesia) 70.89m
10 Chao-Tsun Cheng (Chinese Taipei) 67.03m

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