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Assam CM Inaugurated ‘Shraddhanjali,’ Second Longest Flyover In The State


Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma inaugurated the newly constructed ‘Shraddhanjali’ flyover in Guwahati on October 19, 2023, marking a significant milestone in the state’s infrastructure development as it was completed in just 60 days. This achievement stands out, considering that it was completed 300 days ahead of the original schedule.

Shraddhanjali Flyover Inaugurated with Ambitious Citywide CCTV Project

The 2.28-kilometer-long Shraddhanjali flyover, linking Commerce Point with Sundrapur on RG Baruah Road is considered to be the second longest flyover in the state. It was unveiled alongside a range of initiatives, including the deployment of 2,000 CCTV cameras throughout the city by August next year.

The Financial Aspect

The construction of the Shraddhanjali Flyover was accomplished within a budget of Rs 316 crore, demonstrating prudent financial management. This allocation of resources reflects the government’s dedication to cost-effective and efficient execution of infrastructure projects for the benefit of the people.

A Tribute to Shraddhanjali Kanan

The name “Shraddhanjali” was chosen for the flyover in honor of Shraddhanjali Kanan, a park situated inside the state zoo cum-botanical garden. This thoughtful naming decision pays tribute to an iconic location within Assam, highlighting the state’s rich cultural and natural heritage.

Previous Milestone: Nilachal Flyover

Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma had already marked another significant achievement in Assam’s infrastructure development earlier in the year. On August 30, 2023, he inaugurated the Nilachal Flyover, the longest flyover in the state. This four-lane flyover connects Maligaon Chariali to Kamakhya Gate in the city, further enhancing transportation and connectivity in the region.

Nilachal Flyover: A Remarkable 2.63-Kilometer Marvel of Infrastructure Development

The Nilachal Flyover spans 2.63 kilometers. This remarkable infrastructure was successfully constructed at a total cost of ₹420.75 crore within a concise 35-month timeline, with collaborative efforts from Shree Gautam Construction Co Ltd and Anupam Nirman Pvt Ltd.

Assam’s Commitment to Rapid and Efficient Infrastructure Development

The inauguration of the Shraddhanjali Flyover is a testament to the Assam government’s commitment to rapid and efficient infrastructure development. This project not only eases traffic congestion but also stands as a symbol of the government’s dedication to improving the lives of the people it serves. With milestones like the Shraddhanjali and Nilachal flyovers, Assam is on a transformative path towards better infrastructure and enhanced connectivity.

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