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Bengaluru’s Flying Wedge Defence Unveils India’s First Indigenous Bomber UAV

Flying Wedge Defence, a Bengaluru-based defense and aerospace technology firm, recently revealed the FWD-200B, India’s inaugural indigenous bomber unmanned aircraft. With a focus on cost-effectiveness and self-reliance, the firm aims to position India as a leader in innovative defense solutions.

Cost-Effective Innovation

Founder Suhas Tejaskanda highlighted the significant cost reduction compared to foreign counterparts, with the FWD-200B priced at just ₹25 crores, a fraction of the cost of similar U.S. models. This affordability underscores India’s commitment to self-sufficiency in defense technology.

Advanced Capabilities

The FWD-200B boasts a payload capacity of 100 kgs and is classified as a MALE Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle, offering medium-altitude, long-endurance capabilities. Integrated with optical surveillance payloads and precision air strike weapons, it ensures versatility in various combat scenarios.

Performance Specifications

With a maximum speed of 200 kts/370 kmph and an endurance capacity of 12-20 hours, the FWD-200B offers impressive performance metrics. Additionally, its 498 kgs maximum takeoff weight and ground control station range of 200 kms further enhance its operational flexibility.

Path to Certification and Global Reach

The company plans rigorous flight testing followed by certification from the Centre for Military Airworthiness & Certification (CEMILAC). Once certified, the FWD-200B aims to be integrated into Indian forces while also targeting export opportunities, particularly in regions where cost-prohibitive alternatives are impractical.

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