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India and Ghana Strengthen Financial Integration for Enhanced Trade

India and Ghana are poised to integrate their payment systems, UPI and GHIPSS, to facilitate instant and cost-effective fund transfers between the two nations. Within six months, NPCI’s UPI is set to be operational on Ghana’s GHIPSS platform, marking a significant step in financial collaboration.

Exploring Digital Transformation Solutions

Discussions also revolved around potential Memorandum of Understanding on Digital Transformation Solutions, Local Currency Settlement System, and leveraging opportunities under the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA). This signals a strategic intent to harness digital innovations for mutual benefit.

Growing Bilateral Trade

Bilateral trade between India and Ghana has surged to USD 2.87 billion in 2022-23, with Ghana’s exports including gold, cocoa, cashew nuts, and timber products, while India imports pharmaceuticals, agricultural machinery, and other goods. The trade dynamics underscore the significance of the partnership, with India importing gold comprising nearly 80% of its total imports from Ghana.

Expanding International Collaborations

NPCI International’s recent partnership with Bank of Namibia to develop a UPI-like real-time payment system further underscores India’s commitment to fostering financial inclusivity beyond its borders. Similar discussions are underway with Nigeria, reflecting India’s growing footprint in international financial collaborations.

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