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Biggest Mall in Asia, List of Top-10

In the dynamic landscape of retail and entertainment, Asia has consistently stood out as a hub of innovation and grandeur. As we step into 2024, one marvel dominates the skyline, capturing the essence of Asia’s commercial prowess—the biggest mall in Asia. This architectural masterpiece is a testament to Asia’s economic might and the insatiable appetite for consumer experiences. Let’s embark on a virtual tour of this retail oasis, exploring its vast expanse, diverse offerings, and the unique features that set it apart on the global stage.

Asia’s Biggest Mall 2024

Asia’s biggest mall 2024, Jin Yuan, also known as the Golden Resources Shopping Mall, dominates Beijing’s skyline since 2004. Boasting renowned brands like Sephora and Starbucks, the mall spans a colossal 6,000,000 square feet across six stories. Special features include a Championship Ice Rink, Redsports Club, and Tongda Tiandi Kid’s Fiesta. With flexible hours from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM (Monday to Thursday) and 10:00 PM (Friday to Sunday), Jin Yuan invites visitors to experience a grand fusion of luxury shopping and diverse entertainment unparalleled in Asia.

Key Facts Related to Largest Mall of Asia

Here are some of the key facts related to Golden Resources Shopping Mall, the largest mall of Asia:

  • Location: Golden Resources Shopping Mall, also known as Jin Yuan, is situated near the northwest Fourth Ring Road in Haidian District, Beijing, China.
  • Opening Date: The mall opened its doors on October 24, 2004.
  • Size and Records: With a total retail floor area of 557,419 square meters (6,000,010 sq ft), it was the world’s largest shopping mall from 2004 to 2005.
  • Nicknamed “Great Mall of China“: Due to its vast size of 560,000 square meters (6 million square feet) over six floors, it earned the nickname “Great Mall of China.”
  • Access: The mall can be conveniently accessed via the Beijing Subway, specifically through Changchunqiao Station on Line 10.
  • Challenges at Opening: Initially faced challenges such as low footfall, with estimates as low as 20 visitors per hour, attributed to high prices and a somewhat inaccessible location in the outer suburbs of Beijing.
  • Vision and Growth: The mall’s operators aimed to create the world’s largest shopping center, reflecting China’s progress as a society. Growth was anticipated with projections of turning a profit within three to five years.
  • Improved Accessibility: The opening of Beijing Subway Line 10 Changchunqiao station in 2012 enhanced access to the mall. Line 12, an additional subway line serving the mall, was set to open in 2023.
  • Changing Landscape: By 2022, the mall experienced a surge in shoppers, attributed to the growth of the Chinese middle class and Beijing’s expansion, placing the mall in a more urban setting surrounded by residential complexes.
  • Expansion: Reflecting its success, a second phase of the mall opened across the street to accommodate the increasing number of visitors.

Top-10 Biggest Malls in Asia

Golden Resources Shopping Mall, located in Beijing, China, holds the title of the biggest mall in Asia, followed by CentralWorld Mall, The Dubai Mall and 1 Utama Shopping Center.

Here is the list of top-10 biggest malls in Asia:

Biggest Malls in Asia
Rank Mall Location Area Opened Special features
1. Golden Resources Shopping Mall Beijing, China 600,000 sqm (approx.) 2004 Championship Ice Rink, Redsports Club, Tongda Tiandi, Leku Video Games, Na Yun Yi Mei Zhi Spa, Watermelon Head for Kids
2. CentralWorld Mall Bangkok, Thailand 5,920,000 sq ft 1990 400 fountainheads, SF World Cinema, TK Park, Rink Iceskate, Genius Park, Hindu shrines, Hotel, Office tower, Isetan, Zen Megastore
3. The Dubai Mall Dubai, UAE 5,900,000 sq ft 2008 Dubai Fountain, Dubai Aquarium, VR Park, Ice Rink, 22 cinema screens, Dubai Dino, Dubai Opera, Replica of Dubai Creek Tower
4. 1 Utama Shopping Center Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 5,600,000 sq ft 1995 Transportation hubs, Hobby centres for kids, Koi pond with a suspension bridge, Indoor rock climbing wall
5. SM City North EDSA Mall Quezon City, Philippines 5,400,000 sq ft 1985 Skylights, IMAX theatre, Bowling alleys, Simulated river in Sky Garden, Waterfalls, Solar power plant
6. SM Megamall Mandaluyong, Philippines 5,100,000 sq ft 1991 Chapel, Bingo Area, IMAX theatre, Ice skating rink
7. Persian Gulf Complex Shiraz, Iran Over 4,800,000 sq ft 2011 Indoor and outdoor amusement parks, Hotel, Swimming pools, Tennis court, Helipad, Cinema halls, Gaming centre, Bowling alleys
8. Mid Valley Megamall Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 4,500,000 sq ft 1999 Golden Screen Cinemas, Convention centre, Prayer hall
9. Siam Paragon Bangkok, Thailand 4,300,000 sq ft 2005 Multiplex, Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World, Opera concert hall, Karaoke centre, Bowling alley, Thai Art Gallery, Royal Paragon Hall
10. Lotte World Mall Seoul, South Korea 2,400,000 sq ft 2014 Seven-star luxury hotel, Lotte World Aquarium, Lotte Cinema, Concert hall

Asia’s Largest Mall – Golden Resources Shopping Mall

10 biggest malls on earth - 3. Golden Resources Shopping Mall | ET Retail

Location: Beijing, China

Opened: 2004

Area: 600,000 sqm (approx.)

No. of stores: 1000+

Golden Resources Shopping Mall, also known as Jin Yuan, stood as Asia’s largest mall until 2005. Spanning 560,000 square meters over six floors, it earned the moniker “Great Mall of China.” Despite its grandeur, initial footfall was modest, hindered by high prices and a remote location near Beijing’s Fourth Ring Road.

Second Biggest Mall in Asia – CentralWorld Mall

CentralWorld (Bangkok) - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos) -  Tripadvisor

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Opened: 1990

Area: 5,920,000 sq ft

No. of stores: 500

CentralWorld, situated in Bangkok, Thailand, ranks as Asia’s second-largest mall. Owned by Central Pattana, it encompasses a vast 550,000 square meters of shopping space and an extensive 830,000 square meters in total, including a hotel and office tower. Following a three-year redesign, it surpassed its nearby rival, Siam Paragon, in size in 2006.

Asia’s Third Biggest Mall – The Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall | Biggest Mall in Dubai | Visit Dubai

Location: Dubai, UAE

Opened: 2008

Area: 5,900,000 sq ft

No. of stores: 1000+

Situated in Dubai, the Dubai Mall is recognized as Asia’s third-largest mall. With a vast total land area and a retail space of 502,000 square meters, it is a prominent feature of the Downtown Dubai complex, adjacent to the iconic Burj Khalifa. Boasting over 1,200 shops, it was a major retail milestone, opening in 2008 and attracting over 54 million visitors annually.

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Which is the biggest mall in Asia?

Golden Resources Shopping Mall, located in Beijing, China, holds the title of the biggest mall in Asia.

Is biggest mall of India also the biggest mall of Asia?

No, Lulu International Shopping Mall in Kochi boasts to be the largest mall in India, while Golden Resources Shopping Mall, located in Beijing, China, holds the title of the biggest mall of Asia.

Which is the second biggest mall of Asia?

CentralWorld, situated in Bangkok, Thailand, ranks as Asia's second-largest mall. Owned by Central Pattana, it encompasses a vast 550,000 square meters of shopping space and an extensive 830,000 square meters in total, including a hotel and office tower.

Name the top-5 biggest malls of Asia.

The top-5 biggest malls of Asia are: Golden Resources Shopping Mall, CentralWorld Mall, The Dubai Mall, 1 Utama Shopping Center and SM City North EDSA Mall.

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