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Ministry of Education launches PRERANA program

The Department of School Education & Literacy, Ministry of Education, proudly presents Prerana: An Experiential Learning program. This unique initiative aims to empower students of classes IX to XII with leadership qualities and provide them with a meaningful, unique, and inspiring experience.

Rooted in Indian Values and NEP 2020

Prerana is driven by a strong commitment to the principles of the Indian education system and the philosophy of value-based education, a cornerstone of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. It fosters respect for India’s rich cultural heritage and diverse traditions, embodying the spirit of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (the world is one family).

A Week-long Immersion in Innovation and Heritage

This week-long residential program takes place in a historic vernacular school (established in 1888) in Vadnagar, Gujarat. This living city, home to ancient heritage sites and monuments, serves as a powerful symbol of resilience and exemplifies the potential for extraordinary growth from ordinary beginnings.

Curriculum for Holistic Development:

The curriculum, developed by IIT Gandhi Nagar, revolves around nine core values:

  • Swabhiman and Vinay (Self-Respect and Humility)
  • Shaurya and Sahas (Courage and Daring)
  • Parishram and Samarpan (Hard Work and Dedication)
  • Karuna and Sewa (Compassion and Service)
  • Vividhta and Ekta (Diversity and Unity)
  • Satyanishtha and Shuchita (Integrity and Cleanliness)
  • Navachar and Jigyasa (Innovation and Curiosity)
  • Shraddha aur Vishwas (Faith and Confidence)
  • Swatantrata and Kartavya (Freedom and Responsibility)

Through these values, Prerana inspires youth to become torchbearers for a developed India (“Viksit Bharat”).

Engaging Activities for a Dynamic Learning Experience

The program features a diverse schedule, from yoga and meditation sessions to hands-on learning activities, thematic workshops, and visits to historical sites. Evening activities include film screenings, talent shows, and creative pursuits, ensuring a holistic approach to learning.

Embracing Knowledge and Inspiration

Students will engage with various knowledge systems, from indigenous wisdom to cutting-edge technology. They will also have the opportunity to learn from inspiring personalities and mentors from prestigious institutions.

Selection Process and Participation

Students can register for Prerana through the official portal (prerana.education.gov.in). A selection process based on well-rounded personalities and a keen interest in shaping the future of the nation will be conducted. Applicants can also participate in the selection procedure at the school/block level on designated “Prerana Utsav” days.

Become a Changemaker: Carry the Legacy Forward

The chosen 20 participants (10 boys and 10 girls) will embark on a life-changing journey of inspiration, innovation, and self-discovery. Upon completion, they will return to their communities as empowered changemakers, sparking positive change and inspiring others.

Join the Movement: Shape Your Future

Prerana invites students of classes IX to XII to register and be a part of this transformative experience. Visit prerana.education.gov.in to begin your journey towards leadership and a brighter future.

Important Questions Related to Exams

1. What is the main objective of the Prerana program?
a. To provide traditional education
b. To empower students with leadership qualities and a unique experience (Correct Answer)
c. To focus on advanced technology in education
d. To promote global education standards

2. What philosophy is Prerana rooted in according to the information provided?
a. Western educational principles
b. Value-based education and Indian education system (Correct Answer)
c. Scientific learning methodologies
d. Multicultural education approaches

3. Where does the week-long Prerana program take place?
a. Vadodara, Gujarat
b. Jaipur, Rajasthan
c. Vadnagar, Gujarat (Correct Answer)
d. Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

4. What is the symbolic significance of the chosen school in Vadnagar?
a. Represents modern education
b. Reflects the city’s indomitable spirit and resilience (Correct Answer)
c. Serves as a hub for technology innovation
d. Showcases advanced teaching methodologies

5. How many core values does the Prerana curriculum revolve around?
a. Five
b. Seven
c. Nine (Correct Answer)
d. Twelve

Kindly share your responses in the comment section.

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