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Bisleri Limonata Appoints Aditya Roy Kapur as Brand Ambassador

Bisleri International, the pioneering force in India’s carbonated soft drinks industry, has unveiled an exciting new campaign for its refreshing beverage, Bisleri Limonata. Featuring the charismatic Aditya Roy Kapur as the brand ambassador, the #DoubleTheChill campaign aims to capture the essence of Limonata’s unique flavor blend and establish a strong connection with the Gen Z audience.

The Zesty Fusion of Lime and Mint

Bisleri Limonata, a refreshing beverage, masterfully combines the zest of lime with the coolness of mint, delivering an invigorating experience for consumers. Unlike other drinks in the segment, Limonata’s distinctive flavor combination sets it apart, promising a truly refreshing and exceptional taste.

Aditya Roy Kapur: The Face of Cool Refreshment

Embodying the essence of the brand with his cool and refreshing persona, Aditya Roy Kapur boasts a strong fan following, especially among the Gen Z demographic. His association with Limonata solidifies the brand’s image and appeal, making him the perfect ambassador to represent the beverage’s unique and vibrant essence.

The Creative Genius Behind #DoubleTheChill

The Bisleri Limonata #DoubleTheChill campaign was conceptualized and crafted by Bisleri’s in-house creative team, showcasing their exceptional creativity and deep understanding of the brand. The team delivered a compelling narrative that resonates with Gen ‘Z’, capturing the essence of the beverage’s refreshing qualities.

Tushar Malhotra, Director of Sales and Marketing at Bisleri International, expressed his excitement about the campaign, stating, “Bisleri Limonata stands out in the lemon beverages with its lime and mint combination and has won over millions of consumers. Aditya Roy Kapur is a great brand fit as he is one of the coolest actors today with an easy-going charm. With this campaign, we’re set to strengthen our bond with GenZ consumers and drive even greater demand for Limonata.”

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