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Budget Speech: All You Need to Know About Budget Speech

The Union Finance Minister’s annual Budget speech is a crucial event that sets the tone for India’s economic trajectory in the upcoming financial year. As the nation awaits the 2024 Union Budget, understanding the intricacies of the Finance Minister’s address becomes imperative. This article provides an in-depth guide to the Budget speech, its components, and related documents.

Overview of the Budget Speech

The Budget speech is a pivotal part of the Union Budget presented by the Finance Minister in Parliament, typically on February 1. It serves as the first glimpse into the annual financial plan and is later made available on the official government webpage, India Budget.

Structure of the Budget Speech

The Budget speech is divided into two key sections: Part A and Part B.

Part A – Economic Review and Budget Estimates:

Part A begins with a comprehensive review of the previous and current economic conditions.

  • It provides Budget estimates for the upcoming financial year, focusing on macroeconomic aspects like the economic survey, fiscal deficit, current account deficit, and inflation.
  • Detailed expenditure breakdowns for various sectors, introduction of new schemes, and government priorities are outlined.
  • The Finance Minister discusses funds raised through taxes or borrowing and addresses the allocation of funds, including specifics on Budget deficit or surplus.

Part B – Tax Proposals and Future Policy Directions:

Part B concentrates on the government’s tax proposals for the next financial year, directly impacting citizens’ finances.

  • It aligns with the Finance Act and is accompanied by a Memorandum of Explanations, offering a background of changes.
  • Part B updates taxpayers on the economy’s status, governmental progress, and future policy directions.
  • The conclusion unveils taxation proposals or modifications to the existing taxation system, marked by the presentation of the “Annual Financial Statement.”

Live Streaming of Budget Speech

The Budget 2024 speech can be streamed live from the government’s India Budget webpage and major TV news broadcasters.

Budget at a Glance

  • The Budget at a Glance serves as a reader-friendly guide, presenting a condensed overview of key financial data.
  • It simplifies complex aggregates and estimates, offering a quick insight into the financial landscape with visual aids such as charts and graphs.
  • Details include subsidy outlay, transfer of revenues to states, and spending on various sectors and schemes.

Difference between Union Budget and Budget at a Glance

  • The Union Budget is a detailed compilation of government spending and revenue, requiring approval by the Lok Sabha.
  • The Budget at a Glance enhances understanding through visual aids, serving as a primer for key budgeted targets.

The Finance Bill

The Budget speech initiates a legislative process requiring approval by the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. The Finance Bill, once passed, grants legal backing to the Budget and amends related acts, ensuring the implementation of proposed changes.

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