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Assam CM Launches 200 Eco-Buses In Guwahati To Combat Pollution


In a significant step towards environmental sustainability, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma flagged off 200 electric buses from Guwahati. This initiative marks one of the state government’s most substantial efforts to create a pollution-free environment in Assam.

A Milestone in Green Transportation

During a media address, CM Sarma expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative, describing it as a pivotal move toward a pollution-free Assam. He dedicated the 200 AC e-buses, emphasizing their deployment across Guwahati and adjoining areas. This new fleet builds upon the earlier dedication of 100 CNG buses at the onset of the New Year.

Vision for a Green Future

CM Sarma outlined a bold vision, aiming to establish Guwahati as the country’s first city powered by a 100% green public transportation system by the year 2025. This ambitious goal aligns with the global push for sustainable practices and cleaner modes of transportation.

State Transport Minister Joins the Cause

State Transport Minister Parimal Suklabaidya was also present at the flag-off ceremony, underscoring the collaborative efforts within the government to promote eco-friendly transport solutions. The joint commitment of key officials signals a unified approach towards building a sustainable future for Assam.

National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) Launch

In addition to the electric bus fleet, CM Sarma ceremonially launched the National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) in Guwahati. Developed by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, the NCMC serves as a versatile transport card designed to simplify various transactions related to travel, toll taxes, and retail purchases.

A Versatile Solution for Transportation Needs

Operating through the RuPay card system, the NCMC can be acquired in different forms, including prepaid, debit, or credit cards from associated banks. This multi-functional card is a one-stop solution, allowing users to make seamless payments for transportation services, tolls, and even facilitating retail transactions. Importantly, it also provides the convenience of cash withdrawals.

Call to Action: Get Your NCMC for Seamless Transportation

CM Sarma urged the citizens of Assam to obtain their National Common Mobility Card, emphasizing the importance of this card in ensuring ease of transportation. By encouraging widespread adoption of the NCMC, the government aims to streamline and enhance the efficiency of the public transportation system, making it more accessible and convenient for all.

Important Questions Related to Exams

1. By which year does CM Sarma aim to establish Guwahati as the country’s first city with a 100% green public transportation system?
a) 2022
b) 2025
c) 2030

2. What type of card did CM Sarma ceremonially launch in Guwahati alongside the electric buses?
a) National Identity Card
b) National Common Mobility Card (NCMC)
c) National Credit Card

3. Which ministry developed the National Common Mobility Card (NCMC)?
a) Ministry of Finance
b) Ministry of Transportation
c) Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs

4. Through which card system does the NCMC operate?
a) MasterCard
b) RuPay card
c) Visa

Please provide your answers in the comments section

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