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CBI, Europol sign Working Arrangement for cooperative relations

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and Europol have entered into a significant Working Arrangement aimed at combating crime and fostering cooperation between the two agencies. This collaborative effort underscores the necessity of global partnerships in addressing modern-day challenges posed by transnational crime networks.

Signing of the Working Arrangement:

  • Europol Executive Director Catherine De Bolle and CBI Director Praveen Sood signed the Working Arrangement in a virtual event held on March 21.
  • The signing ceremony took place simultaneously in New Delhi and the Hague, demonstrating the commitment of both parties to enhancing collaboration.

Objectives and Significance:

  • The arrangement promotes direct cooperation between CBI and Europol to leverage their respective mandates and strategies.
  • It signifies a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to combat crime on an international scale.
  • Recognizes the imperative need for expedited international cooperation in light of the global dispersion of crimes and criminal networks.

Scope of Cooperation:

  • Enables cooperation between all law enforcement agencies in India and the 27 European countries represented by Europol, as well as third countries and organizations associated with Europol.
  • Facilitates joint tackling of various forms of crime including organized crime, financial crimes, terrorism, cybercrime, human trafficking, and more.

Mechanisms and Modalities:

  • Establishes clear mechanisms for communication, cooperation, and collaboration between respective law enforcement agencies.
  • Includes 26 detailed articles outlining modalities for cooperation in over 30 different crime categories.
  • Encompasses the exchange of information, specialist knowledge, general situation reports, strategic analysis, participation in training activities, and support in individual criminal investigations.

CBI’s Role and International Engagements:

  • CBI serves as the National Central Bureau for Interpol in India, coordinating assistance for all law enforcement agencies via Interpol channels.
  • CBI is also a member of the GloBE international network of anti-corruption agencies, demonstrating its commitment to combating corruption and related crimes.


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