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Tech Mahindra, IBM collaborate to drive digital adoption

Tech Mahindra and IBM have joined forces to inaugurate a Synergy Lounge in Singapore, aimed at accelerating digital adoption for enterprises across the Asia-Pacific region. This collaboration seeks to leverage next-gen technologies to drive innovation and offer unique solutions to various industries.

Introduction of Synergy Lounge:

  • Tech Mahindra and IBM announce the opening of a Synergy Lounge in Singapore.
  • Located -at Tech Mahindra’s campus, the Lounge aims to facilitate the adoption of next-gen technologies among enterprises in APAC.

Focus Areas and Technologies:

  • The Lounge will focus on technologies such as AI, Intelligent Automation, Hybrid Cloud, 5G, Edge Computing, and Cybersecurity.
  • Enterprises will be assisted in operationalizing these technologies to solve complex business problems and enhance efficiency.

Hex-I Concept Implementation:

  • The Lounge is built on the Hex-I concept, comprising ignite, inspire, ideate, innovate, infuse, and implement stages.
  • Different experience zones within the Lounge will cater to various technologies to aid enterprises in their digital transformation journey.

Democratizing AI and Next-Gen Technologies:

  • Kunal Purohit, Chief Digital Services Officer at Tech Mahindra, emphasizes the importance of infusing AI and GenAI into businesses responsibly.
  • The Synergy Lounge will serve as a co-innovation and co-development center, specifically focusing on AI and next-gen technologies.

Collaboration Opportunities:

  • The Lounge will be open to enterprises worldwide for exploring joint solutions and testing prototypes.
  • Industries such as communication, media and entertainment, automotive, manufacturing, banking and financial services, and healthcare will benefit from this collaboration.

Maximizing Synergies:

  • A dedicated team will operate from the Synergy Lounge to maximize synergies between Tech Mahindra and IBM.
  • This collaboration aims to develop unique solutions based on the strengths of both organizations to drive technological innovation in APAC.

Vision for Innovation:

  • Chetan Krishnamurthy, Vice President at IBM, highlights the common vision to bring advanced technology to solve complex business challenges.
  • The Synergy Lounge in Singapore will continue to improve productivity and competitiveness for clients in the Asia-Pacific region.


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