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Central Excise Day 2024, Date, History and Significance

Every year on February 24th, India observes Central Excise Day, a tribute to the enactment of the Central Excise and Salt Act in 1944. This significant day marks the foundation of the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC), a pivotal institution in the administration of indirect taxes in India. Central Excise Day 2024 not only commemorates the historic legislation but also celebrates the relentless efforts of the CBIC officers in maintaining the quality and safety of goods within the country.

Central Excise Day, Historical Backdrop

The Genesis of Central Excise Day

The roots of Central Excise Day stretch back to the year 1944, a landmark year when the Indian government consolidated 11 different acts related to excise duties into one comprehensive act – the Central Excise and Salt Act. This act aimed at revising the laws pertaining to salt and central duties, thereby setting a new precedent in the fiscal legislation of India. The 24th of February, the day this act came into effect, has since been earmarked to honor this crucial legislative step.

Evolution of the Act

In 1966, the Central Excise and Salt Act was renamed The Central Excise Act 1944, with its schedules 1 and 2 meticulously outlining the values and rates of duties. This amendment further solidified the act’s role in the economic framework of India, ensuring a streamlined process for the levy of excise duties.

Significance of Central Excise Day 2024

A Tribute to the Guardians of Economic Integrity

Central Excise Day profoundly acknowledges the CBIC and its officers’ contributions to India’s economic fabric. It is a day to reflect on the importance of timely tax payments and the collective responsibility of citizens towards the nation’s development. The celebration of this day is a step forward in the government’s endeavour to enhance the tax regime, making it more accessible and user-friendly for the citizens.

Fostering Awareness and Appreciation

The observance of Central Excise Day 2024 is not just a commemoration but also an educational venture, aiming to heighten awareness about the critical role taxes play in the economy. The CBIC has lined up an array of events and programs to engage the public, elucidate the significance of excise duty, and recognize the diligent efforts of its officers in upholding quality and safety standards in goods consumed by the Indian populace.



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