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Chetan Bhagat Appointed Brand Ambassador For Edtech startup, Henry Harvin Education


In a significant move, Edtech startup Henry Harvin Education (HHE) recently announced acclaimed author and speaker Chetan Bhagat as its Brand Ambassador. This partnership represents a shared vision and commitment to empowering the youth of India.

Henry Harvin Education: Pioneering Training and Advisory Services Across the Globe

Henry Harvin Education stands as a prominent provider of training and advisory services, marking its inception in July 2013. With a global presence spanning over 11+ cities in the United States, India, and the UAE, including key locations like Fremont, Dubai Mainland, Noida, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kochi, and Chandigarh, the company boasts a dedicated team of over 400 employees and collaborates with a network of 650+ consultants.

Diverse Business Verticals at Henry Harvin Education

The core pillars of Henry Harvin’s business encompass an array of offerings, including comprehensive training solutions tailored for individuals, corporates, and educational institutions. Their expertise also extends to advisory services, staffing solutions, and a selection of educational resources and books.

Empowering through Education

HHE and Chetan Bhagat are embarking on an exciting journey to enhance learning and empower individuals. This collaboration aligns perfectly with HHE’s mission, which goes beyond traditional education. As a career and competency development organization, Henry Harvin offers an online university with over 800 programs designed for upskilling and reskilling. It is committed to nurturing talent and enhancing skills to help individuals realize their full potential.

The Impact of Chetan Bhagat’s Association with HHE

Chetan Bhagat, a well-known author and influential speaker, has touched the lives of millions with his literary work and thought-provoking speeches. His association with HHE is expected to bring a fresh wave of enthusiasm and inspiration to the world of education and personal development. As a brand ambassador, he will play a crucial role in motivating and guiding young minds towards their goals, emphasizing the importance of persistence, creativity, and intellectual growth.

Looking Ahead: A Promising Future for HHE

With Chetan Bhagat as their brand ambassador, Henry Harvin Education is poised to reach new heights in their endeavor to provide quality education and empowerment to individuals, especially the youth of India. This partnership not only underlines the significance of creative collaboration but also heralds a promising future for both the Edtech startup and the students it aims to serve.

Key takeaways for competitive examinations

  • Founder and CEO of Henry Harvin Education: Kounal Gupta

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