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China has launched its computer operating system, named OpenKylin

China launched country’s first open-source desktop operating system (OS) named as OpenKylin 1.0 with the motive to create an independent software system and cut reliance on US technology.

What in News?

  • China recently launched it’s first open-source desktop operating system (OS) named as OpenKylin 1.0 to reduce its dependency on US technology and to create China’s independent software system.
  • The launch of OperKylin, an open-source desktop system marked the country’s latest effort in developing homegrown software which reduces reliance on Western Technologies.
  • The OpenKylin system has been developed with the contribution from various companies and organizations.
  • Several Chinese Companies are currently working on creating operating system that can replace Microsoft’s Windows and Apple MacOS. One of these companies is Union Tech Software Technology Co. ltd. is in the process of developing its own operating system called ‘Unity’.
  • The main supporter in launching this open-source desktop system OpenKylin is the China Industrial Control System Emergency Response Team, which is overseen by the industry and Information Technology Ministry and additional more than ten software companies.

About the OpenKyline:

  • OpenKyline 1.0 is an open-source desktop software developed by group of Chinese companies which is mainly headed by China Electronic Corp.
  • OpenKylin 1.0 is a Linux operating system created by a community of about 4,000 developers.
  • OpenKylin users have access to the software’s line of code and can easily modify them as they wish, unlike Microsoft and Apple which keeps the working of windows and MacOS secret.
  • The launch of the OpenKylin is considered to be the latest effort in the development of homgrown software. Homegrown software are considered key to serving as a pillar for driving construction of new infrastructure and boosting development of the digital economy.
  • OpenKylin has benefits in the various sectors as:
  • OpenKylin helps in improving the domestic operating system through iteration and upgrading.
  • OpenKylin ensures security in critical areas including, government affairs, communications, energy and transportation.
  • Openkylin will provide reliable fundamental software services to support the country’s IT industrial chain.      

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