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CJI Chandrachud Launches QR Code-Based E-Pass For Entry At SC

In a proactive effort to modernize and streamline access to justice, Chief Justice of India (CJI) D.Y Chandrachud unveiled the ‘SuSwagatam‘ portal. This innovative platform offers a convenient way for advocates, litigants, and citizens to secure QR code-based ePasses, granting them entry to the esteemed halls of the Supreme Court.

Empowering Access with QR Code-Enabled ePass: A Technological Leap for Supreme Court Visitors

The ‘SuSwagatam’ portal, along with its user-friendly mobile application, empowers litigants and visitors with the convenience of a QR code-enabled ePass. This digital pass not only facilitates a smooth entry experience but also serves as an exit credential, enhancing the overall efficiency of access management. The launch of ‘SuSwagatam’ marks a significant advancement in streamlining entry procedures, reducing queues, and embracing a paperless approach within the apex court premises.

Enhanced Security and Streamlined Registration

Ensuring the highest standards of security, ‘SuSwagatam’ offers role-based secure logins for different categories of users. During the registration process, individuals have the option to upload proof of identity and even capture a live photograph, further enhancing the validation process. This meticulous attention to security underscores the Supreme Court’s commitment to safeguarding the integrity of the system.

Successful Pilot Phase: Paving the Way for Enhanced Convenience

Prior to its official launch, the ‘SuSwagatam’ portal underwent rigorous testing during a pilot phase that commenced on July 25. This preliminary period yielded fruitful results, garnering positive feedback from users who experienced its efficiency firsthand. Impressively, the portal issued more than 10,000 ePasses during this trial, underscoring its practicality and user-friendly interface.

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