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CJI DY Chandrachud Inaugurates Mitti Cafe In Supreme Court


Chief Justice of India (CJI) DY Chandrachud inaugurated ‘Mitti Cafe‘, a unique establishment situated within the Supreme Court premises. This cafe stands out for being entirely managed by individuals with disabilities, encompassing those who are visually impaired, have cerebral palsy, and are paraplegic.

Promoting Inclusivity in the Legal Hub

The cafe’s management team comprises individuals with diverse abilities, breaking down barriers and setting an inspiring example. The Chief Justice expressed his hope that the legal community, including lawyers, would rally behind this initiative, emphasizing the importance of support for the differently-abled.

Expanding Impact Across the Nation

Chief Justice Chandrachud shared that ‘Mitti Cafe’ has already established 38 outlets in various parts of the country. Moreover, he highlighted the cafe’s extraordinary service during the COVID-19 pandemic, where they provided six million meals, showcasing the potential of inclusive employment and meaningful contributions by differently-abled individuals.

Existing Facilities and Future Prospects

While the Supreme Court already houses several canteens and cafeterias to cater to the daily needs of lawyers and litigants, the addition of ‘Mitti Cafe’ stands out as a testament to the commitment towards inclusivity. The café not only enriches the court complex’s amenities but also serves as an inspiration for other institutions to embrace diversity in their workforce.

Leading the Way for Inclusive Legal Leadership

The café’s inauguration symbolized a step forward in promoting inclusivity within the legal realm. Chief Justice Chandrachud, by personally inaugurating the cafe, set a precedent for inclusive leadership, encouraging a supportive environment for individuals with disabilities.

Key takeaways for competitive examinations

  • Mitti Cafe was founded by Alina Alam in: 2017

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