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Samsung Unveils Its Generative AI Model Samsung Gauss

Seoul, November 10, 2023 – Samsung has taken a significant leap into the world of generative artificial intelligence (AI) with the public revelation of its groundbreaking model, Samsung Gauss. Named after the renowned mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, credited with establishing the normal distribution theory, Samsung Gauss marks the South Korean tech giant’s ambitious stride toward utilizing AI to enhance the lives of consumers globally. The announcement was made at the Samsung AI Forum, an annual event that has been a focal point for experts and academics since 2017.

Gauss’s Vision: Drawing from All Phenomena and Knowledge

The nomenclature “Gauss” symbolizes Samsung’s overarching vision for the model – to tap into the vast array of phenomena and knowledge worldwide. The ultimate goal is to leverage the power of AI to elevate consumer experiences across various facets of life, as stated by the company during the forum held in Seoul.

Functional Components of Samsung Gauss

Samsung Gauss comprises three core components: Samsung Gauss Language, Samsung Gauss Code, and Samsung Gauss Image, each tailored to specific applications.

Samsung Gauss Language: Enhancing Work Efficiency and Consumer Experience

This generative language model is designed to boost work efficiency by facilitating tasks such as writing emails, summarizing documents, and language translation. Samsung envisions its applicability in enhancing consumer experiences by providing more intelligent device control. The model is versatile, with applications both on the cloud and on-device, promising a seamless integration into various products.

Samsung Gauss Code: A Coding Assistant for Software Development

Targeting in-house software development, Gauss Code simplifies and accelerates the coding process. Developers can easily code and navigate through an interactive interface, which supports functions such as code description and test case generation. The tool is set to expedite the software development lifecycle, making it a valuable asset for companies looking to streamline their coding processes.

Samsung Gauss Image: Transformative Image Generation and Editing

Gauss Image is tailored for image-related tasks, offering the ability to generate and edit images effortlessly. This includes applying style changes, additions, and converting low-resolution images to high-resolution. This component is poised to be a game-changer in creative fields, enabling users to manipulate and enhance images with unprecedented ease.

Current and Future Applications

While Samsung Gauss is currently employed to enhance employee productivity within the company, Samsung envisions its expansion into diverse product applications in the future. The adaptability of the model allows it to cater to various domains, ensuring a broad spectrum of applications.

Privacy and Security: On-Device Application and AI Red Team Assurance

Samsung is committed to safeguarding user privacy by allowing on-device application of Gauss models. This approach ensures that private information remains secure and under the user’s control. Additionally, Samsung has instituted an AI Red Team dedicated to assessing and fortifying the security and privacy aspects of the AI model. The team scrutinizes potential issues arising during data collection, AI model development, service deployment, and the results generated, reinforcing Samsung’s commitment to responsible AI usage.

In unveiling Samsung Gauss, the tech giant not only showcases its technological prowess but also underlines its dedication to utilizing AI for the betterment of consumers’ lives, promising a future where productivity and creativity seamlessly converge.

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