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CleanMax And Bangalore International Airport Forge Long-Term Partnership For Renewable Power

Renewable power solutions provider CleanMax and Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) have signed a 25-year long-term power purchase agreement aimed at fostering sustainable energy practices. The agreement entails the generation and supply of renewable energy sourced from a Solar-wind Captive Power Project, marking a pivotal step towards green energy adoption in the region.

The Solar-wind Captive Power Project

  • The renewable energy initiative will draw power from a 45.9 MW Solar-wind Captive Power Project established under a special purpose vehicle named Clean Max BIAL Renewable Energy Private Limited.
  • Situated in Jagaluru, Karnataka, the project encompasses a 36 MW solar power plant and a 9.9 MW wind power plant.
  • This amalgamation of solar and wind technologies underscores the project’s commitment to harnessing multiple renewable energy sources efficiently.

Sustainable Energy Integration

  • The integration of solar and wind technologies facilitates continuous power supply and optimizes consumption load management.
  • By leveraging the complementary nature of these renewable energy sources, the project ensures reliability and resilience in energy provision, thus promoting sustainable energy practices.

Strengthening Commitment to Sustainability

  • The partnership between CleanMax and BIAL represents an extension of their existing relationship, rooted in a shared vision of sustainable energy utilization.
  • BIAL’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Hari Marar, emphasized the significance of the long-term power purchase agreement in meeting the airport’s renewable energy requirements for its expansion endeavors.
  • Moreover, the agreement is poised to yield substantial cost savings, further bolstering BIAL’s commitment to sustainability and responsible growth.

Project Impact and Energy Yield

  • With an estimated annual energy yield of 90 million units (kilo watt hours), the captive renewable energy power plant is poised to make a significant contribution to meeting the energy demands of BIAL.
  • The project aims to supply approximately 58.3 million units of solar power and 31 million units of wind power annually, leveraging the existing grid infrastructure for seamless integration and distribution.

Driving India’s Climate Change Agenda

  • Kuldeep Jain, Founder and Managing Director of Clean Max Enviro Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd, hailed the partnership as a testament to India’s proactive stance on climate change mitigation.
  • He underscored CleanMax’s role in corporate sustainability since its inception in 2011, emphasizing the company’s expertise in delivering innovative and tailored renewable energy solutions to its corporate clientele.
  • The collaboration between CleanMax and BIAL heralds a new era of sustainable energy adoption, reaffirming their collective commitment to environmental stewardship and paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future.

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