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CM Pushkar Dhami Releases Book Highlighting PM Modi’s Role in Transforming Disaster Management

In a significant stride towards recognizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s contributions to disaster management in India, a compelling book titled ‘RESILIENT INDIA: How Modi Transformed India’s Disaster Management Paradigm’s was officially released in Dehradun. The unveiling ceremony took place during the sixth World Congress on Disaster Management and was graced by Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami.

The Unveiling Event

The book was officially released at the high-profile event, shedding light on Prime Minister Modi’s exceptional efforts in reshaping India’s disaster management landscape. The Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Pushkar Singh Dhami, did the honors, symbolizing the collective recognition of the pivotal role played by the Prime Minister in this critical domain.

Editors and Contributors

‘RESILIENT INDIA’ is a collaborative effort, edited and compiled by Bluekraft Digital Foundation and Modi Story. The compilation draws on various aspects of Modi’s personal and political journey, particularly emphasizing his role in disaster management. Notably, Modi Story has been instrumental in highlighting facets of Modi’s leadership through various social media platforms.

Acknowledging the Paradigm Shift

The book acknowledges and credits Prime Minister Modi for orchestrating a monumental shift in India’s disaster management paradigm. The narrative within ‘RESILIENT INDIA’ delves into the nuanced alterations brought about under Modi’s leadership, spanning resilience, preparedness, capacity building and other dimensions critical to effective disaster management.

Gigantic Shift in Approach

One of the central themes explored in the book is the colossal shift in approach that Modi has championed. The authors detail how the Prime Minister’s initiatives have permeated various facets of disaster management, reflecting a comprehensive strategy that goes beyond immediate response to disasters. The emphasis on long-term resilience, community preparedness and robust capacity building is underscored as a hallmark of Modi’s approach.

Key Dimensions Explored

‘RESILIENT INDIA’ meticulously outlines the key dimensions of the transformative in India’s disaster management. It sheds light on the innovative strategies, policy frameworks and technological interventions introduced under Modi’s leadership. From leveraging social media for awareness campaigns to implementing ground-level changes, the book offers a holistic view of the multifaceted approach adopted by the Prime Minister.

Implications for the Future

As the book presents Modi’s transformative journey in disaster management, it raises important questions about the implications for the future. How can the paradigm shift initiated by Modi be sustained and further enhanced? What lessons can other nations draw from India’s experience under his leadership? These questions open avenues for broader discussions on global disaster management strategies.

Important Questions Related to Exams

Q1. What is the title of the book recognizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s contributions to disaster management?

Sol. The book is titled ‘RESILIENT INDIA: How Modi Transformed India’s Disaster Management Paradigms.’

Q2. Where was the book officially released and during which event?

Sol. The book was officially released in Dehradun during the sixth World Congress on Disaster Management.

Q3. Who did the honors of unveiling the book, symbolizing collective recognition?

Sol. Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami unveiled the book, representing collective recognition of Prime Minister Modi’s role in disaster management.


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