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Coffee Export From India Rose Almost 2% to 4 Lakh tonne

Coffee shipments from India, Asia’s third-largest producer and exporter, rose 1.66 per cent to 4 lakh tonne in 2022 on rise in instant coffee exports and re-exports. Exports stood at 3.93 lakh tonne in 2021. In value terms, coffee export was higher at Rs 8,762.47 crore in 2022 as against Rs 6,984.67 crore in the previous year. India ships both Robusta and Arabica varieties, besides instant coffee.

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More About The Constituents:

According to the Board’s latest data, shipment of Robusta coffee declined marginally to 2,20,974 tonne in 2022 from 2,20,997 tonne in the previous year.

Similarly, export of Arabica fell 11.43 per cent to 44,542 tonne from 50,292 tonne. However, export of instant coffee increased 16.73 per cent to 35,810 tonne in 2022 from 29,819 tonne in the previous year. About 99,513 tonne of coffee was re-exported in 2022, higher than 92,235 tonne in the previous year.

More Increase In Value:

The unit per value realisation remained higher at Rs 2,18,923 per tonne as against Rs 1,77,406 per tonne in the period.

Major Destinations of Exports:

Italy, Germany and Russia are the major export destinations for the Indian coffee.

              Learn Along: Static facts:


Climate requirements for coffee production:

  • Coffee requires a warm, humid environment with fluctuating temperatures.
  • Coffee requires a hot, muggy environment with temperatures between 15°C and 28°C. Usually, it is planted beneath shaded trees.
  • Strong sunlight, temperatures exceeding 30°C, cold, and snowfall are detrimental to a coffee plantation.
  • When the berries ripen, dry weather is required.
  • For coffee cultivation, rainfall between 150 and 250 cm is ideal.
  • The best soil for growing coffee is well-drained, rich, friable, loamy soil containing humus and minerals.
  • Coffee also requires skilled, affordable labour.
  • The tropical plant is also produced in semi-tropical regions.
  • Indian coffee is unique since it is shade-grown and elevated, unlike coffee from other major producing nations, which is cultivated on flat soil.

Important Varieties:

Only a small number of the more than 100 species of coffee are raised commercially. Coffea robusta (also known as Coffea canephora) and Coffea arabica are grown in our nation.

Coffee Consumption:

  • More than 70% of the nation’s produce is exported. India is the eighth-largest volume exporter of coffee, according to The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).
  • Coffee exports from India exhibit seasonality, with export peaks occurring between March and June.

Coffee Board of India:

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is in charge of the Coffee Board of India, which was founded in 1942.

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