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Col Sunita BS Appointed First Female Commanding Officer at Armed Forces Transfusion Centre

In a historic moment on November 21, 2023, Colonel Sunita BS, an officer in the Army Medical Corps, etched her name in history by becoming the first woman to assume the role of Commanding Officer at the Armed Forces Transfusion Centre (AFTC) in Delhi Cantt. Col Sunita’s journey is marked by significant achievements and a commitment to providing top-notch medical support, culminating in her groundbreaking leadership role at AFTC.

Educational Background:

A proud graduate of the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences Rohtak, Col Sunita holds a Post Graduate degree (MD & DNB) in Pathology. Her academic prowess and dedication to her field have been evident throughout her career, setting the foundation for the remarkable leadership roles she has undertaken.

Previous Leadership Role:

Before her historic appointment at AFTC, Col Sunita served in the challenging position of Commanding Officer at a strategically important Field Hospital in Arunachal Pradesh. In this role, she demonstrated her commitment to providing the best possible Combat Medical Support, showcasing her resilience and capability in demanding situations.

Responsibilities at AFTC:

Col Sunita’s current responsibilities involve managing the largest blood transfusion centre of the Armed Forces, AFTC, located in Delhi Cantt. The center boasts state-of-the-art facilities in the field of Transfusion Medicine, including Stem Cell cryopreservation, fully automated immune-hematology analyzers, gamma irradiation chambers, and Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT) capabilities. Notably, AFTC is the first and only licensed center in the country to hold a Frozen Red Cell facility.

Significance of Her Role:

The appointment of Col Sunita as the Commanding Officer at AFTC holds great significance, not only due to her gender but also due to her unique blend of academic, administrative, and professional skills. Her multifaceted expertise is deemed crucial for overseeing the complex operations of a facility that plays a vital role in the Armed Forces’ healthcare infrastructure.

Challenges and Opportunities:

As the first female Commanding Officer at AFTC, Col Sunita BS faces both challenges and opportunities. Her leadership will not only pave the way for more women to assume pivotal roles in the Armed Forces but will also contribute to the continued advancement of medical capabilities within the military.

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