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Colin Jackson Appointed Intl Ambassador For 2023 Tata Steel Kolkata 25KS


The former 110m hurdles world record holder, Colin Jackson, has been announced as the International Event Ambassador for the upcoming edition of Tata Steel Kolkata 25K event scheduled on Sunday, 17th December 2023. This move adds a new dimension of prestige and excitement to an already prestigious event. Colin Jackson, an iconic figure in the world of athletics, brings a wealth of experience and inspiration to the event.

A Running Revolution in Eastern India

  • Instituted in 2014, the TSK 25K has been a catalyst for a running revolution in eastern India.
  • It has not only become a celebration of Kolkata’s vibrant sporting spirit but has also achieved the status of a World Athletics Elite Label Road Race.
  • The event, under the slogan ‘Aamar Kolkata, Aamar Run,’ has grown in stature and popularity over the years.

Colin Jackson: A Hurdling Legend

  • His illustrious career includes notable achievements such as winning a silver medal at the Commonwealth Games in 1986 and claiming gold at the Stuttgart World Championships in 1993, setting a world record in the 110m hurdles with a remarkable time of 12.91 seconds.

Enduring Inspiration

  • Jackson’s legacy extends beyond his competitive years, with his 10-year world record in the 110m hurdles and 27-year record in the 60m hurdles still standing as a testament to his enduring inspiration and motivation for aspiring athletes.
  • His dominance at the European championships for 12 consecutive years and multiple gold medals at the Commonwealth Games and World Indoor Championships further solidify his status as a track and field legend.

Beyond the Track: A Multifaceted Icon

  • Beyond his track achievements, He is an accomplished author, having penned several books, including “Life’s New Hurdles,” “The Young Athlete,” and his candid autobiography titled “The Autobiography.”

Philanthropy and Awareness

  • Together with his sister Suzanne Packer, he founded Go Dad Run, a initiative that not only raises funds for Prostate Cancer UK but also strives to create awareness about a condition that often goes undiscussed.
  • The organization focuses on areas where men might be hesitant to seek help, emphasizing the importance of early detection and prevention.

From Track to Commentary Box

  • Colin Jackson’s journey continues to inspire, even after his retirement from competitive athletics.
  • As a sports commentator on BBC for track and field events, he remains an influential figure and a role model for those transitioning from active sports careers to other endeavors.

Colin Jackson: A Resolute Inspiration for Runners Worldwide

  • Colin Jackson is the epitome of resolution and has been an inspiration to many the world over. His association with the event will be a huge encouragement to the runners who will look forward to putting in their best efforts.

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