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Conclusion of the Second G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group Meeting in Rishikesh, India

The Second G20 Anti-corruption Working Group Meeting, held from May 25 to May 27 in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, concluded with productive discussions and key agreements. The meeting witnessed the participation of delegates from 20 member countries, 10 invitee countries, and 9 international organizations. Chaired by Mr. Rahul Singh, Additional Secretary, DoPT & Chair, G20 ACWG, the meeting focused on various crucial areas, including asset recovery, fugitive economic offenders, information sharing, institutional frameworks, and mutual legal assistance.

Promoting Integrity and Effectiveness of Public Bodies and Authorities

During the meeting, the delegates agreed upon three high-level principles to strengthen the integrity and effectiveness of public bodies and authorities responsible for preventing and combating corruption. This principle aims to enhance transparency and accountability in governance and ensure that public institutions are efficient and free from corrupt practices.

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Strengthening Law Enforcement and International Cooperation

Recognizing the significance of international cooperation and information sharing in combating corruption, the delegates also reached an agreement on strengthening law enforcement-related international cooperation. This measure seeks to enhance collaboration among member countries and international organizations to effectively tackle cross-border corruption and promote the exchange of information and best practices.

Strengthening Asset Recovery Mechanisms

The delegates acknowledged the importance of robust asset recovery mechanisms in combating corruption. They emphasized the need to strengthen existing mechanisms and develop new strategies to track and recover assets acquired through corrupt practices. This agreement aims to prevent individuals from benefiting from ill-gotten gains and restore stolen assets to their rightful owners.

Side Event on Gender and Corruption

As part of the Anti-corruption Working Group Meeting, a unique side event on ‘Gender and Corruption’ was organized. Hon’ble Minister of State for External Affairs and Culture, Smt. Meenakshi Lekhi, delivered the keynote address, shedding light on the gendered aspects of corruption. National and international experts and practitioners discussed the integral connection between women’s empowerment and anti-corruption initiatives, emphasizing the need for gender-sensitive governance and policy-making.

Indian Hospitality and Future Meetings

During their stay in Rishikesh, the delegates were exposed to India’s rich culture, heritage, and cuisine, providing them with a glimpse of the country’s diverse offerings. India expressed its anticipation to host the delegates once again in Kolkata from August 9-11 for the Third ACWG meeting. Furthermore, India will host the first-ever in-person Anti-Corruption Ministerial Meeting, aiming to provide additional momentum to the G20 agenda of strengthening the global fight against corruption.

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