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Core Sector Output Growth Hits Six-Month Low at 7.8% in November

In November, the production growth of eight crucial infrastructure sectors hit a six-month low at 7.8%, primarily attributed to declines in the crude oil and cement sectors. While this figure is higher than the 5.7% recorded a year ago, it reflects a slowdown from October’s 12% growth. The last comparable dip occurred in May, with a growth rate of 5.2%. Despite the overall deceleration, coal and refinery product outputs demonstrated double-digit growth.

Sector-Specific Insights

  1. Coal and Refinery Products: Recorded double-digit growth.
  2. Crude Oil and Cement Sectors: Experienced a decline, impacting overall growth.
  3. Other Sectors: Showed healthy production growth in November.

Yearly Performance

For April-November 2023-24, the combined growth of these sectors reached 8.6%, surpassing the 8.1% in the corresponding period last year. These sectors hold significant weight, contributing 40.27% to the Index of Industrial Production (IIP).

Notable Numbers

  • Natural gas output increased by 7.6%.
  • Refinery products output surged by 12.4%.
  • Cement production declined by 3.6%.
  • Crude oil production decreased by 0.4%.

These statistics from the Commerce and Industry Ministry shed light on the current state of India’s core sectors, reflecting both positive and challenging trends in the country’s industrial landscape.

Questions Related to Exams

  1. What was the growth rate of India’s key infrastructure sectors in November, and how does it compare to the previous months?

  2. Which specific sectors experienced a decline in output, leading to the six-month low in growth in November?
  3. How did coal and refinery product outputs perform, and what role did they play in the overall sector growth?
  4. What is the significance of the growth slowdown in the context of the Index of Industrial Production (IIP), considering these sectors contribute 40.27% to it?

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