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CoRover.ai Introduces BharatGPT, India’s First Large Language Model

CoRover.ai, a leading player in the Conversational AI space, has recently introduced BharatGPT, India’s first Large Language Model (LLM). This groundbreaking development aims to revolutionize AI conversations across 22 Indian languages, addressing the language diversity challenges prevalent in the country. Positioned as an Indigenous Generative AI platform, BharatGPT integrates seamlessly with both voice and text modalities, offering a unique solution to the complexities of linguistic diversity.

Multilingual Integration

One of the notable achievements of BharatGPT is its extensive language integration. The model proudly supports voice modality in over 12 Indian languages and text modality in a whopping 22 languages. This impressive feat has been made possible through a strategic collaboration with the National Hub of Language Technology (NHLT) under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology’s National Language Translation Mission (NLTM).

Collaboration with BHASHNI

Amitabh Nag, CEO of BHASHNI, expressed enthusiasm about the scalability and creative use cases demonstrated in collaboration with CoRover. Nag emphasized the pivotal role of language technology breakthroughs, such as BharatGPT, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP), in driving new initiatives.

Integration into CoRover.ai Platforms

CoRover.ai, known for providing AI Virtual Assistants to prominent organizations like IRCTC, LIC, IGL, and NPCI, has seamlessly integrated BharatGPT into its existing platforms. This integration enhances the capabilities of the CoRover Conversational AI platform, allowing developers and business users to effortlessly create text and voice-enabled multilingual virtual assistants.

Notable Features

The CoRover Conversational AI platform comes equipped with several notable features, including data sovereignty, tight integrability with enterprise-wide automation applications, and real-time transaction APIs through the API sandbox. Additionally, the platform supports the integration of payment gateways and Aadhar-based authentication for KYC, making it a comprehensive solution for diverse business needs.

Comprehensive Component Suite

The platform’s components encompass dialogue/conversational management, real-time analytics, speech to text, text to speech, sentiment analysis, and more. This comprehensive suite of components ensures a robust and versatile solution for organizations seeking to enhance their conversational AI capabilities.

Praise from Abhishek Singh

Abhishek Singh, President & CEO of NeGD and DIC (Digital India), lauded BharatGPT’s potential impact on Conversational AI in India. He envisioned it as a catalyst for technological empowerment, positioning India as an AI-first country. Singh’s remarks underscore the significance of indigenous AI solutions in shaping the technological landscape of the nation.

Important Questions Related to Exams

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2. How many Indian languages does BharatGPT support for text modality?

3. Which ministry collaborated for language integration in BharatGPT?

4. In collaboration with whom did CoRover address language barriers?

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