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Complete List of Different Countries and names of their Parliaments

Countries and Parliaments

Parliament is the legislative body of government. A parliament has generally three functions that are representing the electorate, making laws, and supervising the government during hearings and inquiries. A parliament is similar to Senate, Synod, or congress. It is a legislative body that is divided into two parts, Unicameral and Bicameral. In India, the name of Parliament is Sansad which is divided into two houses of the legislature, Rajya Sabha, and Lok Sabha. Other countries also have their parliament and houses of the legislature. In this article, we have listed different countries and the names of parliaments.

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List of Different Countries and Parliaments.

Countries Capitals Parliament of different Countries
Afghanistan Kabul Shora
Albania Tirana People’s Assembly
Algeria Algiers National People’s Assembly
Andorra Andorra La Vella General Council
Angola Luanda National People’s Assembly
Argentina Buenos Aires National Congress
Australia Canberra Federal Parliament
Austria Vienna National Assembly
Azerbaijan Baku Melli Majlis
Bahamas Nassau General Assembly
Bahrain Manama Consultative Council
Bangladesh Dhaka Jatia Parliament
Belize Belmopan National Assembly
Bhutan Thimphu Tsogdu
Bolivia Sucre National Congress
Botswana Gaborone National Assembly
Brazil Brasilia National Congress
Britain London Parliament (House Of Commons And House Of Lords)
Brunei Bandar Seri Begawan National Assembly
Bulgaria Sofia Narodno Sabranie
Cambodia Phnom Penh National Assembly
Canada Ottawa Parliament
China Beijing National People’s Assembly
Colombia Bogota Congress
Comoros Moroni Legislative Council And Senate
Costa Rice San Jose Legislative Council And Senate
Croatia Zagreb Sabor
Cuba Havana National Assembly Of People’s Power
Denmark Copenagen Folketing
East Timor Dili Constituent Assembly
Ecuador Quito National Congress
Egypt Cairo People’s Assembly
El Salvador San Salvador Legislative Assembly
Ethiopia Addis Ababa Federal Council And House Of Representative
Fiji Islands Suva Senate & House Of Representative
Finland Helsinki Eduskusta (Parliament)
France Paris National Assembly
Germany Berlin Bundestag (Lower House) & Bundesrat (Upper House)
Great Britain London Parliament
Greece Athens Chamber Of Deputies
Guyana Georgetown National Assembly
Hungary Budapest National Assembly
Iceland reykjavik Althing
India New Delhi Sansad
Indonesia Jakarta People’s Consultative Assembly
Iran Tehran Majlis
Iraq Baghdad National Assembly
Ireland Dublin Oireachtas
Israel Jerusalem The Knesset
Italy Rome Chamber Of Deputies And Senate
Japan Tokyo Diet
Jordan Amman National Assembly
Korea(North) Pyongyang Supreme People’s Assembly
Korea(South) Seoul National Assembly
Kuwait Kuwait City National Assembly
Lebanon Beirut National Assembly
Laos Vientiane People’s Supreme Assembly
Lativa Riga Saeima
Lesotho Maseru National Assembly And Senate
Libya Tripoli General People’s Congress
Lithuania Vilnius Seimas
Luxembourg Luxembourg Chamber Of Deputies
Madagascar Antananarivo National People’s Assembly
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Majilis
Maldives Male Majilis
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Great People’s Khural
Montenegro Podgorica Federal Assembly
Mozambique Maputo People’s Assembly
Myanmar Naypyidaw Pyithu Hluttaw
Nepal Kathmandu Federal Parliament of Nepal
Netherlands Amsterdam States-General (Staten-General)
New Zealand Wellington Parliament (House Of Representatives)
Norway Oslo Storting
Oman Muscat Monarchy
Pakistan Islamabad National Assembly & Senate
Papua New Guinea Port Moresby National Parliament
Paraguay Asuncion Senate & Chamber Of Deputies
Philippines Manila The Congress
Poland Warsaw Sejm
Romania Bucharest Great National Assembly
Russia Moscow Duma & Federal Council
Saudi Arabia Riyadh Majlis Al-Shura
South Africa Pretoria Parliament
Spain Madrid Crotes
Taiwan Taipei Yuan
Turkey Ankara Grand National Assembly
Uruguay Montevideo General Assembly
USA Washington D.C. Congress
Uzbekistan Tashkent Oliy Majlis
Vietnam Hanoi National Assembly
Zambia Lusaka National Assembly
Zimbabwe Harare Parliament

FAQs related to Different countries and their parliaments.

1. Which country has different houses of parliament?
Ans. In India, there are two houses of the legislature, the Rajya Sabha, and Lok Sabha. Similarly, other countries have different parliament houses of the legislature.

2. What are the different types of Parliaments?
Ans. There are two different types of Parliaments known Bicameral and Unicameral. India has a Bicameral legislature because it has two houses, Rajya Sabha, and Lok Sabha.

3. What is Parliament?
Ans. Parliament is the legislative body of government. A parliament has generally three functions that are representing the electorate, making laws, and supervising the government during hearings and inquires.

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