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Cyclone ‘Michaung’ To Hit Bay Of Bengal, The Fourth Storm This Year


The Bay of Bengal is once again on high alert as meteorological conditions indicate the potential development of another cyclonic storm, closely following the impact of cyclonic storm ‘Midhili’ on several northeastern states. According to the latest updates from Skymetweather, the upcoming cyclonic storm is poised to be the fourth to hit the Bay of Bengal this year, marking the sixth storm overall in Indian waters. The affected regions are anticipated to include India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar.

Cyclone Season in the Bay of Bengal

Cyclones in the Bay of Bengal typically occur between April and December. May witnesses a pre-monsoon surge in cyclonic conditions, while November experiences a post-monsoon peak. These months are particularly prone to the genesis of cyclones, creating hazardous weather conditions and making them favorable for cyclogenesis.

Unusual Frequency of Cyclones in 2023

While it’s customary for around four storms to form annually in the Indian Seas, this year has been exceptional. The impending cyclonic storm will be the sixth of the year in Indian waters and the fourth in the Bay of Bengal alone. Skymetweather reports that more storms are expected due to unfavorable weather conditions, a phenomenon supported by numerical models.

Origin and Progression of the Cyclonic Storm

The genesis of the upcoming tropical storm is traced back to the Gulf of Thailand. Meteorological conditions over the Gulf and adjoining Malay Peninsula indicate the potential for cyclonic circulation. Not all disturbances lead to cyclonic pressure, but the geographical, climatological, and environmental factors suggest further accentuation. It is expected that the equatorial disturbance may enter the Andaman Sea around November 25.

Long Sea Travel and Potential Landfall

Historically, weather systems originating from the Gulf of Thailand and the Malay Peninsula have been observed to undertake long sea journeys. This characteristic makes these disturbances potentially stronger, with the risk of causing significant landfall along the coastlines of India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar. Regions such as Odisha, West Bengal, and Bangladesh are particularly vulnerable to hazardous weather conditions following a cyclone strike.

Awaiting Confirmation

Over the next two days, it will become clearer whether the impending storm will dissipate or strike the region. If the fourth cyclonic storm of the year for the Bay of Bengal materializes, it will be named ‘Michaung,’ pronounced as ‘Migjaum’ in accordance with the nomenclature suggested by Myanmar.

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