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NIF Book Prize For 2023 To Be Revealed On December 1st


The Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIF) Book Prize has unveiled its shortlist, comprising five outstanding works that delve into diverse facets of India’s history, society, and culture. The winner is slated to be announced on December 1, adding anticipation to the literary community.

1. Founding Mothers of the Indian Republic by Achyut Chetan

  • Achyut Chetan’sFounding Mothers of the Indian Republic” (Cambridge University Press) stands out for its meticulous research and exploration of a crucial but often overlooked aspect of India’s constitutional history.
  • The book unveils the active participation of women, often working behind the scenes, during the framing of the Constitution.
  • Chetan highlights how these women played a pivotal role in advocating for the principles of equality, freedom, and human rights for all, shaping the very foundation of the nation.

2. Delhi Reborn: Partition and Nation Building in India’s Capital by Rotem Geva

  • Rotem Geva’sDelhi Reborn: Partition and Nation Building in India’s Capital” (Stanford University Press) takes readers on a historical journey through the reshaping of Delhi after the seismic events of Partition and Independence.
  • Geva explores how the city underwent transformation as India and Pakistan became deeply ingrained in the imagination of its residents.
  • The narrative delves into the complexities of violence, displacement, and the ensuing tensions surrounding belonging and citizenship in the newly formed nations.

3. Writer, Rebel, Soldier, Lover: The Many Lives of Agyeya by Akshaya Mukul

  • Akshaya Mukul’s biography, “Writer, Rebel, Soldier, Lover: The Many Lives of Agyeya” (Penguin), offers a nuanced portrayal of the influential yet controversial Hindi poet, Agyeya (1911-1987).
  • Mukul weaves together the poet’s life with the cultural history of the 20th century, capturing the hopes and anxieties of an era.
  • Agyeya’s nomadic and reflective exploration of physical spaces, abstract ideas, and emotions left an indelible mark on Hindi literature, making this biography a captivating journey through his multifaceted personality.

4. Land Guns Caste Woman: Memoirs of a Lapsed Revolutionary by Gita Ramaswamy

  • Gita Ramaswamy’s memoir, “Land Guns Caste Woman” (Navayana), unfolds the compelling story of a Tamil Brahmin woman’s lifelong struggle to break free from the shackles of her caste.
  • The narrative follows her rebellion against the oppressive nature of her privileged background, leading her into the Naxalite movement during the Emergency.
  • Ramaswamy’s work is hailed as a unique exploration of the challenges faced by an educated middle-class intellectual attempting to navigate the complexities of caste and political ideologies.

5. Nehru’s India: A History in Seven Myths by Taylor C. Sherman

  • Taylor C. Sherman’sNehru’s India: A History in Seven Myths” (Princeton University Press) critically examines the legacy of India’s first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru.
  • While Nehru envisioned a nation grounded in secularism, socialism, and non-alignment, Sherman argues that some of these ambitions remained unrealized.
  • The book challenges the pedestalization of Nehru in the nation-building narrative, offering a scholarly exploration of his ideas, debates, and introspections during a crucial period in Indian history.

Unveiling India’s Narrative Tapestry

  • Intriguing and thought-provoking, these five books on the Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay NIF Book Prize shortlist collectively contribute to our understanding of “how the nation and its citizens have come to be,” as eloquently stated by the jury.

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