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Defence Minister Unveils 35 BRO Projects In Border Regions


Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, during a recent event, emphasized the pivotal role played by residents living near the borders in serving the nation. He equated their contributions to that of soldiers, asserting that while soldiers protect the country in uniform, border-area residents contribute in their own unique way. The occasion marked the inauguration of 35 projects, including 29 bridges and six roads, constructed by the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) across seven states and union territories, with a total cost of ₹670 crore.

Enhancing Connectivity Across Border States

  • The Defence Minister inaugurated 35 crucial projects, comprising 29 bridges and six roads, strategically positioned across seven states and union territories.
  • These include eleven projects in Jammu and Kashmir, nine in Ladakh, eight in Arunachal Pradesh, three in Uttarakhand, two in Sikkim, and one each in Mizoram and Himachal Pradesh.
  • The challenging weather conditions and inhospitable terrains make these projects a testament to the dedication of the Border Roads Organisation.

Dhak Bridge Inauguration

  • The event centered around the inauguration of Dhak Bridge, a state-of-the-art 93-meter long Class 70R bridge over Dhak Nallah.
  • This bridge showcases the engineering prowess of the BRO and symbolizes the commitment to infrastructure development in border areas.
  • The remaining 34 projects, virtually inaugurated by Mr. Singh, include significant initiatives like the Ragini-Ustad-Pharkian Gali Road in Jammu and Kashmir, a 38.25-km long CL-9 road enhancing all-weather connectivity between Tangdhar and Keren sector, crucial for military operational readiness.

Changing Perspective on Border Infrastructure Development

  • Highlighting a shift in mentality, Mr. Singh noted that there was a time when border infrastructure development wasn’t a priority.
  • Governments often viewed developments near the borders with suspicion, fearing they might be exploited by adversaries.
  • However, under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, the current government is committed to the holistic development of border areas, considering them an integral part of the nation’s mainstream.

Climate Change and National Security

  • Addressing the increasing instances of natural disasters in border states due to climate change, Mr. Singh stressed the serious implications of climate change on national security.
  • He expressed the Defence Ministry’s commitment to addressing this issue and seeking cooperation from friendly countries.
  • The minister also pointed out the steps taken to ensure risk and hardship allowances for BRO personnel, as well as increased compensation for casual laborers, emphasizing the importance of their contributions.

Important Questions Related to Exams

1. What is the total cost of the 35 inaugurated projects?

2. How many bridges were among the 35 projects inaugurated?

3. In which state is the Ragini-Ustad-Pharkian Gali Road, a part of the inaugurated projects?

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