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Deloitte India’s Economic Outlook: FY24 and FY25 GDP Growth Predictions

Deloitte India has revised its GDP growth forecasts for FY24 and FY25, with a significant increase in projections. The consultancy anticipates a robust GDP growth of 7.6-7.8% for FY24, up from the previous estimate of 6.9-7.2%. Looking ahead to FY25, Deloitte expects GDP to expand by 6.6%, driven by strong economic activity fueled by rising consumption expenditure.

Consumer Spending Trends and Middle-Income Class Dynamics

Deloitte highlights the evolving consumption patterns in India post-pandemic, with a notable surge in demand for luxury and high-end products and services. The rapid growth of the middle-income class is attributed to increased purchasing power, contributing to this shift in consumer behavior. Deloitte predicts that by 2030/31, one in two households will belong to the middle- to high-income segment, further amplifying the trend of upscale consumer expenditure.

Factors Driving Economic Recovery

According to Deloitte economist Rumki Majumdar, the Indian economy has been steadily closing the gap between actual GDP and pre-COVID levels, supported by robust growth numbers over the past two years. Strong government spending on infrastructure has facilitated investment and maintained momentum in the recovery process.

Inflationary Concerns and Future Outlook

Despite the positive growth outlook, Deloitte warns of inflation remaining above the Reserve Bank of India’s target level of 4% due to continued strong economic activity. Looking ahead to FY26, Deloitte predicts a GDP growth of 6.75% supported by potential rate cuts.

Global Economic Scenario and Capital Flows

Deloitte anticipates a synchronous rebound in the global economy in 2025, driven by resolving major election uncertainties and potential rate cuts by central banks in the West. This global outlook is expected to positively impact India, leading to improved capital flows and a rebound in exports.

Comparative Analysis and Varied Projections

Deloitte’s growth projections stand in contrast to those of the Reserve Bank of India, which expects a higher GDP growth rate of 7% for FY25. While Deloitte’s forecasts align with recent upward revisions by international bodies such as the IMF and the World Bank, variations in projections underscore the complexity and uncertainty of economic forecasting.

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