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DGFT implements the Advance Authorisation Scheme

The Ministry of Commerce & Industry, through the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), oversees the Advance Authorisation Scheme, enabling duty-free import of inputs for export purposes. The scheme’s eligibility is determined by Sector-specific Norms Committees, evaluating input-output norms. To enhance efficiency and streamline the norms fixation process, the DGFT has made significant advancements to the Advance Authorisation and Norms Fixation Workflow.

Introducing the User-Friendly Database

To simplify norms fixation, the DGFT has developed a searchable database of Ad-hoc Norms established in previous years. These norms, outlined in the Foreign Trade Policy 2023, can now be accessed by any exporter without necessitating a review by the Norms Committee. This innovative database, available on the DGFT website, enables users to search using Export or Import Item Descriptions, Technical Characteristics, or Indian Tariff Classification ITC (HS) codes.

Obtaining Advance Authorisation with Ease

Exporters can now access the database on the DGFT website under Services –> Advance Authorisation/DFIA –> Ad-hoc norms. If an ad-hoc norm aligns with the item description and specified wastages, and complies with the provisions outlined in the Handbook of Procedures (HBP), applicants can opt for an Advance Authorisation under the “No-Norm Repeat” basis. This option allows users to obtain an advance authorisation without having to approach the Norms Committee again, thereby reducing workload and enabling faster processing, subject to FTP/HBP provisions.

Key Benefits of the Initiative

  • By simplifying the advance authorisation and norms fixation process, this trade facilitation measure significantly shortens turnaround times for exporters.
  • It enhances the ease of doing business and reduces the compliance burden, benefiting the export community as a whole.
  • This streamlined approach aligns with the government’s vision of promoting exports and fostering a conducive business environment.

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