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Diamond League Final In Eugene 2023: Mondo Duplantis Breaks Pole Vault World Record


Mondo Duplantis, the Swedish pole vault sensation and reigning world and Olympic champion, brought the athletics season to a spectacular close at the 2023 Diamond League Final in Eugene on September 17th. In a jaw-dropping display of skill and athleticism, Duplantis cleared the bar at 6.23 meters with his first attempt, surpassing his own world record of 6.22 meters set in Clermont-Ferrand back in February.

This remarkable achievement marked the seventh time Duplantis had broken the world record in pole vault, and notably, the second time he accomplished this feat outdoors – both times in Eugene, having previously cleared 6.21 meters at the 2022 World Championships.

Three Attempts, Three Heights

Duplantis made the seemingly impossible look effortless. He navigated through the competition with just three attempts, progressively clearing 5.62 meters, 5.82 meters, and 6.02 meters with remarkable ease. His competitors, including world silver medallist EJ Obiena, found themselves unable to match his prowess.

The Bar Raised, Yet Again

As Obiena faltered three times at 6.02 meters, the stage was set for Duplantis to elevate the bar even higher. With the bar now at 6.23 meters, a height he had come tantalizingly close to clearing at Brussels just a week prior.

With the crowd holding its breath, Duplantis approached the bar, and in a moment of sheer grace and power, he brushed the bar ever so slightly, but it miraculously stayed in place. The stadium erupted as he wheeled away in jubilation, greeted by his fellow competitors, with Sam Kendricks even lifting him high in celebration.

The Promise of More

In the aftermath of his record-breaking feat, Duplantis hinted at the potential for even greater accomplishments in the future. The 23-year-old athlete’s passion for pole vaulting was evident as he expressed his desire to take the sport to new heights and capture the attention of a global audience.

Following his extraordinary performance, Duplantis was met with well-deserved accolades. He received warm congratulations from his parents and stood atop the track’s advertising-surround, soaking in the adoration of the ecstatic crowd.

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