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DRAM Chip: Samsung Releases World’s Fastest Graphics DRAM Chip

Industry’s First and World’s First Graphics DRAM Chip

Samsung has developed a new graphics dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) Chip which is faster and power efficient. The DRAM Chip is of 24-gigabit Graphics Double Data Rate 6 (GDDR6) and it adopts the third generation. The company statement says that the DRAM Chip has 10-nanometer Technology and users can enjoy a data processing speed of 30 percent faster than the existing products in the market. Samsung claims that the new DRAM Chip has the world’s fastest image processing graphic of 1.1 terabytes per second and is considered equivalent to processing 275 full HD movies in a second.

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Nowadays, Graphics DRAM Chips are used widely in high-resolution 3D games or devices through which we can play video games. Samsung says the company expects the DRAM Chip to be used more widely to increase the performance of computers, electric cars, etc. The functions of the Chip meet the standards of the JEDEC Industry and soon, the DRAM Chip will be used in Artificial intelligence and graphics companies.

What is DRAM Chip?

DRAM Chip is a type of random-access memory but in a semiconductor category. It stores each bit of data separately in small capacitors. The DRAM Chip can either be charged or discharged. DRAM Chip is usually arranged in a rectangular array of charge storage cells consisting of one capacitor and transistor per data bit. Each bit of data in DRAM is stored as a positive or negative electrical charge in a capacitive structure. The structure providing the capacitance as well as the transistors that control access to it is collectively referred to as DRAM cells.

Major DRAM Chip producers

  1. Hitachi
  2. SK Hynix
  3. Infineon
  4. Micron
  5. NEC
  6. Samsung
  7. Winbond
  9. Nanya
  10. ProMos

FAQs related to DRAM Chip

1. Is DRAM volatile memory?
Ans. DRAM is volatile, which means the memory stored is lost when the power is not supplied. DRAM offers low-cost and high-capacity solutions.

2. What is DRAM and how does it work?
Ans. DRAM is volatile, unlike non-volatile memories, it loses the data when the power supply is cut off. DRAM has a simple structure compared to any other volatile memory device.

3. Who is the largest manufacturer of RAM in the world?
Ans. Samsung is the largest manufacturer of RAM in the world.

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