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ECI designed in-house software for complete Candidate and election management through ‘ENCORE’

The Election Commission of India (ECI) has developed an in-house software named ‘ENCORE,’ which stands for Enabling Communications on Real-time Environment. ENCORE is a comprehensive software suite designed for efficient candidate and election management, offering a range of features for smooth operations during the electoral process.

Seamless Candidate and Election Management

ENCORE provides a seamless and integrated platform for Returning Officers to manage various election-related tasks, from candidate nomination to voter turnout tracking, counting of votes, result compilation, and data management.

Here are some key functionalities offered by ENCORE:

1. Candidate Nomination Processing

  • Streamlining the candidate nomination process for electoral candidates.
  • Digitizing the nomination and affidavit submission for efficient data management.

2. Real-Time Voter Turnout Tracking

  • Keeping track of voter turnout during the election process.

3. ENCORE Counting Application

  • An end-to-end application for Returning Officers to digitize and tabulate votes polled.
  • Generating essential statutory reports of the counting process.

4. ENCORE Scrutiny Application

  • Allowing Returning Officers to conduct online scrutiny of candidate nominations.
  • Verifying nominations and marking them as Accepted, Rejected, or Withdrawn.
  • Assisting in the preparation of the final list of contesting candidates and symbol assignment.

5. Online Nomination and Affidavit Portal

  • Providing candidates with the convenience of online nomination and affidavit submission.
  • Candidates can create accounts, fill nomination forms, deposit the required security, and plan visits to the Returning Officer.
  • Enhancing ease and accuracy in the filing process.
  • Candidates need to print and notarize the application before submitting it to the Returning Officer in person (optional).

6. Candidate Affidavit Portal

  • Displaying detailed information about a candidate’s financial assets and liabilities.
  • Promoting transparency in candidates’ financial disclosures.

7. ENCORE Nodal App

  • Facilitating coordination with various departments, including fire, education, police, environment, and CPWD.
  • Departments provide ‘no objection’ certificates for permissions requested by political parties and candidates to hold rallies, road shows, and meetings.
  • Streamlining the approval process for campaign-related activities.

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ECI designed in-house software for complete Candidate and election management through 'ENCORE'_4.1


ECI designed in-house software for complete Candidate and election management through 'ENCORE'_5.1