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Eight Railway Station in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh Renamed

The Union Ministry of Home Affairs has granted approval to the Uttar Pradesh Government’s proposal to rename eight railway stations in Amethi district. Spearheaded by BJP Amethi MP Smriti Irani, this decision aims to preserve the cultural identity and heritage of the region by honoring local temples, saints, idols, and freedom fighters through the new station names.

Proposal of Renaming of Eight Stations of Ameli District in UP

The renaming proposal includes changing the names of several railway stations to reflect the region’s cultural and historical legacy. Stations such as Kasimpur halt will be renamed Jais City, while others like Jais will become Guru Gorakhnath Dham, Bani as Swami Paramhans, Misrauli as Maa Kalikan Dham, Nihalgarh as Maharaja Bijli Pasi, Akbarganj as Maa Ahorwa Bhawani Dham, Warisganj as Amar Shahid Bhale Sultan, and Fursatganj as Tapeshwarnath Dham.

Community Demands

The decision to rename the railway stations in Amethi follows persistent demands from the local community to honor prominent local figures and reflect the region’s cultural heritage. The renaming initiative aims to align infrastructure with the cultural ethos of the region and foster a sense of pride among residents.

Details of Renamed Stations in Ameli District of Uttar Pradesh

The names of the eight railway stations set to be changed are as follows:

  1. Kasimpur Halt to Jais City
  2. Jais to Guru Gorakhnath Dham
  3. Bani to Swami Paramhans
  4. Misrauli to Maa Kalika Dham
  5. Nihalgarh to Maharaja Bijli Pasi
  6. Akbarganj to Maa Ahorwa Bhawani Dham
  7. Warisganj to Amar Shaheed Bhale Sultan
  8. Fursatganj railway station to Tapeshwarnath Dham

Purpose Behind the Renaming of Railway Stations

The renaming of railway stations in Uttar Pradesh’s Amethi district serves to preserve cultural heritage and honor local icons. Responding to community demands, the initiative reflects a commitment to uphold regional identity and promote tourism. By renaming stations after temples, saints, and freedom fighters, it fosters pride and ownership among residents while symbolizing progress and development in the region. Ultimately, it aims to showcase Amethi’s rich cultural legacy and attract visitors interested in its historical significance.

Next Steps After Approval

Following the approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs, the process of renaming the railway stations will commence. The Communication Resources Information System (CRIS) will update the new names of stations, pending a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the State Public Works Department.

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