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“Ekam Fest” begins to promote Craftsmanship of Divyang Artisans

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EKAM Fest” has been organised in New Delhi to promote Craftsmanship & Products of Divyang Artisans and Entrepreneurs. National Handicapped Finance Development Corporation (NHFDC) has organised the exhibition-cum-Fair under the Social Justice and Empowerment Ministry. The NHFDC foundation is working to develop a brand and platform for marketing of products made by Divyang Artisans and Entrepreneurs. The name of the brand has been chosen as “EKAM”. EKAM signifies Entrepreneurship, Knowledge, Awareness, Marketing.

EKAM Fest organised by NHFDC is an initiative to promote entrepreneurship along with knowledge among Divyangjan community. It also aims to generate awareness among society about potentialities of PwDs as well as providing them major marketing opportunities. The fest will feature the participation of the Divyang Entrepreneur and Artisans from all over the country. The fest will also feature the products from Jammu & Kashmir and North East, ranging from handloom, handicraft, Embroidery work and dry fruits.

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