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Election Commission’s Saksham App Revolutionizes Voting Accessibility

In a determined effort to ensure accessibility and inclusivity in the electoral process, the Election Commission has introduced the Saksham App. This initiative aims to address the needs of voters above 85 years of age and Persons-with-Disabilities (PWDs) with a 40 percent benchmark disability, allowing them to cast their votes from the comfort of their homes.

Key Measures Implemented

1. Home Voting for Eligible Citizens

  • Voters aged 85 and above.
  • PWDs with a 40 percent benchmark disability.

2. Accessibility Facilities at Polling Stations

  • Provision of volunteers and wheelchairs at every polling station.
  • Arrangement of transport facilities for PWDs and the elderly.

3. Introduction of the Saksham App

  • Designed to facilitate easier voting for PWDs.
  • Allows users to avail facilities at polling stations.

4. Establishment of Assured Minimum Facilities (AMF) in Schools

  • AMF includes drinking water, toilets, signage, ramps or wheelchairs, helpdesk, voter facilitation centers, sufficient lighting, and sheds.
  • Aiming to improve infrastructure and accessibility for the electoral process.

5. Inclusive Management of Polling Stations

  • Polling stations managed by persons-with-disabilities.
  • Exclusive management by women at designated stations.
  • Establishment of Model Polling Stations for enhanced efficiency and accessibility.

These targeted measures by the Election Commission signify a significant step towards fostering inclusivity and ensuring that every eligible voter can participate in the democratic process with ease and dignity.

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