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Enhancing Air Defence Capabilities: Indian Army Inducts Akashteer System

The Indian Army has commenced the induction of the indigenous Akashteer system, marking a significant advancement in its air defence capabilities. This automated air defence control and reporting system, developed by Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), aims to integrate the army’s air defence units for enhanced operational efficiency.

Key Features of Akashteer System

  • Integrated Operations

Akashteer enables seamless integration of radar and communication systems, fostering a                unified network for comprehensive situational awareness and control.

  • Enhanced Mobility and Resilience

With vehicle-based control centers, the system ensures operational capabilities even in                 challenging communication environments, emphasizing mobility and resilience.

  • Automation of Air Defence Operations

By digitizing the entire process, Akashteer facilitates complete automation of air defence              operations, thereby significantly enhancing India’s air defence posture.

Significance in Military Transformation

The induction of Akashteer aligns with the Indian Army’s “Year of Tech Absorption,” reflecting a crucial milestone in its path towards transformation. This system not only meets current requirements but also addresses futuristic needs for complex air defence operations.

Supporting Atmanirbharta Drive

As part of the ongoing atmanirbharta (self-reliance) drive, the army plans to establish specialized Army Design Bureau (ADB) cells at various command headquarters. This organizational restructuring aims to facilitate the absorption of niche technology for capability development.

Ensuring Operational Efficiency

Akashteer’s deployment will enable the army to monitor low-level airspace over battle areas effectively. By controlling ground-based air defence weapon systems, it enhances operational efficiency, swift engagement of hostile targets, and reduces the risk of fratricide while ensuring the safety of friendly aircraft in contested airspace.

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