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Environmental Performance Index: EPI in 2020

What is the Environmental Performance Index?

The Environmental Performance Index is a method used to analyze, quantify, and rank state policies based on Environmental performance. The pilot environmental performance index was developed and published in 2002, and designed to supplement the environmental targets outlined in the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. The Environmental Performance Index is developed by this pilot environmental performance.

The Environmental Performance Index led to the formation of the Environmental Sustainable Index (ESI) and was published between 1999 and 2005. Both the Environmental Performance Index and Environmental Sustainable Index were developed by Yale University and Columbia University in collaboration with the world economic forum and the joint research center of the European Commission. The Environmental sustainable index was developed to check and analyze the environmental sustainability which is related to the path of other countries.

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Environmental Performance Index: 2020

Objective Issue Category Indicator
Environmental health (40%) Air quality (65%) Air pollution – Household Solid Fuels (40%)
Air pollution – Average Exposure to PM2.5 (30%)
Air pollution – PM2.5 Exceedance (30%)
Water Quality (30%) Unsafe Sanitation (50%)
Drinking-Water Quality (50%)
Heavy metals (5%) Lead Exposure (100%)
Ecosystem vitality (60%) Biodiversity and habitat (25%) Marine Protected Areas (20%)
Biome Protection (Global) (20%)
Biome Protection (National) (20%)
Species Protection Index (20%)
Representativeness Index (10%)
Species Habitat Index (10%)
Forests (10%) Tree Cover Loss (100%)
Fisheries (10%) Fish Stock Status (50%)
Regional Marine Trophic Index (50%)
Climate and energy (30%) CO2 Emissions (Total) (50%)
CO2 Emissions (Power) (20%)
Methane Emissions (20%)
N2O Emissions (5%)
Black Carbon Emissions (5%)
Air Pollution (10%) SO2 Emissions (50%)
NOX Emissions (50%)
Water resources (10%) Wastewater treatment (100%)
Agriculture (5%) Sustainable Nitrogen management (100%)

Environmental Performance Index: Ranking of countries in Asia in 2020

  1. Bhutan- Ranked 15th in Asia and 131st Global Ranking.
  2. Sri Lanka- Ranked 6th in Asia and 70th Global Ranking.
  3. The Maldives- Ranked 10th in Asia and 111 in Global Ranking
  4. Pakistan- Ranked 23rd in Asia and 169 in Global Ranking.
  5. Nepal- Ranked 24th in Asia and 176 in Global Ranking.
  6. Bangladesh- Ranked 26st in Asia and 179 in Global Ranking.
  7. India- Ranked 25th in Asia and 177 in Global Ranking.
  8. Afghanistan- Ranked 22 in Asia and 168 in Global Ranking.

FAQs related to Environmental Performance Index

1. What is the Environmental Performance Index 2020?
Ans. The Environmental performance index 2020, categories data using 32 performance indicators and 11 issues. The environmental performance index ranked 180 countries on Environmental health and ecosystem vitality.

2. What is the Environmental Performance Index?
Ans. The Environmental performance index is a method of analyzing, quantifying, and marking a state policy based on Environmental performance.

3. What is the pilot environmental performance index?
Ans. The Environmental performance index was developed from the pilot environmental performance index. It was first developed and published in 2002 and was designed to supplement the environmental targets.

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