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Exide and Leclanché’s joint venture Nexcharge begins production in Gujarat

At its facilities in Prantij, Gujarat, Nexcharge, a joint venture between India’s Exide Industries Limited and Switzerland’s Leclanché SA, has started mass production of lithium-ion battery packs. The plant, which covers six lakh square feet and has a 1.5 GWh installed capacity, comprises six totally automated assembly lines and testing facilities.

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  • Exide and Leclanche invested Rs 250 crore in the plant, which would employ its six assembly lines to produce over 150 products developed over the last four years.
  • The six assembly lines will use cells to create modules, which will subsequently be converted into battery packs in a variety of shapes and sizes, including pouch, prismatic, and cylindrical, to meet the energy storage needs of India’s electric vehicle market and industrial applications.
  • Nexcharge manufactures battery packs for a variety of goods, including two- and three-wheelers, personal and commercial cars, and inverters.
  • Cells are currently sourced from China by the company, which has an in-house R&D centre in Bengaluru. In India, it has 35 clients.

Exide Industries Limited:

Exide Industries Ltd, located in Kolkata, is an Indian multinational storage battery manufacturer and life insurance firm. It is India’s largest and fourth-largest maker of automotive and industrial lead-acid batteries.

Leclanché SA:

Leclanché was formed in 1909 and specialises in lithium-ion cells and energy storage technologies. Leclanché makes large-format lithium-ion cells using a licenced ceramic separator technology and an emphasis on Lithium–titanate technology.

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